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Market me

Highlight of today was definitely hitting up Pike Place Market with boyfriend and my mom — I took way too many photographs (as usual) and I can’t help but share them with you (as usual) so enjoy (as usual?)!

Oh, and dinner: Dover sole with black butter and capers, herb roasted potatoes and roasted asparagus bundles with red bell pepper bow ties…

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Chicken fried… veggies?

For getting up at 11:30 AM (I know, this is turning into a really bad habit), we were amazingly productive today! Framed and hung three of my vintage French posters (Martini + Rossi, Tattinger and Parapluie Revel), figured out my drapery situation (formerly a total disaster) decided to hang drop cloths — yes, as in, painting drop cloths– finished painting and hanging my bedroom/bathroom doors, and tidied up a few other minor projects. In other news, we made jalapeno poppers and another round of onion rings: moderately successful on both accounts; I’m slowly figuring out the balance between flour + batter + gluten free bread crumbs. The only issue with the poppers was making sure the jalapenos were done — the cheese melted and the coating was done long before the jalapeno was fully cooked, making them extra spicy, a little too crunchy and generally unpleasant =( Bummer. We also threw some pickle slices in for good measure, and it didn’t turn out all that well, but I will not be defeated! Next time, those pickles will be mine!

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2 AM and I’m still awake,

…but not writing a song.

Anyway, I slept in until noon today (!!) puttered around, hung out with a friend before she disappeared back to school in the middle of nowhere (aka rural Ohio)… Came home, did some paperwork, helped the bf with his transcript, etc. Late late late night, kind of ready to start the week and go back to school… is that weird?

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Friday is FREEDAY

Today was alternately awful/awesome. I had to take four buses and an hour and a half to get to school today; there were three thunderstorms, two hail incidents, blinding sunlight + blue skies, and epic amounts of rain and wind; my umbrella broke at 5 PM, in the dark, and the cold, and the rain, and the wind — right when I needed to walk 15 blocks to take Emily out for her 22nd birthday. On the upside, it was Emily’s birthday, and we had Indian (my favorite), I got a 4.0 on my American Art paper, submitted my Rome application (!!!!), and received extra credit for attending a lecture by Elizabeth Meyers of UVA on Beauty and Sustainability; it was all right… I thought she made some interesting points, but in general, rambled a lot and didn’t have a clear directive… In any case, kind of a 50/50 sort of day.

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Aren’t we cute?

Yes, yes we are. It took 50 photos to find two (2!) where we both looked great… Such a great day, I dragged him to both of my art history classes, then we came home and had dinner, watched Chocolat and savored our last few hours together… sort of. So, his flight left at 10:25PM – realistically, what time do you think we made it to the airport? What was that? 9:40PM? Correct! I was having a panic attack; we made it back to his house to pack him up at around 8:30PM and somehow, it took over an hour to pack up a backpack and a box — I have no idea. There was lots of running around and panic and ‘WHERE IS IT?!’s but all in all, it worked out all right, and he somehow made it onto his plane on time… how, I’ll never know.

52 days 23 hours 45 minutes until Christmas Break…

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=) Boyfriend is here. all. weekend. So excited, I can’t even tell you! We’re going up to his sister’s house this afternoon, then out to dinner with his parents, and then to Paranormal Activity (finally?). Full day ahead – I can’t wait!

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Lazy Sunday

Went to work, stopped by the farmer’s market, then came home and finished painting. The room looks stellar! I’m so excited! I was concerned that the gilded mirror that hangs over my dresser would look weird against the gray, but it looks fantastic – it’s the perfect museum or gallery color.

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Dusk and Summer

Slept in this morning before escaping to the Issaquah Farmer’s Market / Costco. Costco on a Saturday, if you have not yet experienced it, is sheer madness. It’s window shopping sans windows – essentially a bunch of aimless shoppers with nothing better to do, nowhere to go and a penchant for getting in your way. Ugh. But the farmer’s market… ohh, the farmer’s market… it’s a wonderful place. Individually letterpressed cards, fresh produce, amazing soups (we found a Hungarian Mushroom Soup that rivals Old Wives’ Tales’ in Portland) and baked goods, kitschy nicknacks, soap, honey, clothing, eggs, meat, cheese – you name it, you might just find it. Alas, based on its amazingness, I simply couldn’t restrain myself to one photo today – so do enjoy: locally grown Gala apples and beet greens. Mmmmm!

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it’s the freakin weekend…

…baby gonna have me some fun.

It’s FRIDAY. My LAST Friday of summer school!! YES.

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