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Optics and Illusions

No picture today, I know, I know, but I have a nifty video instead! Dr. Charles Falco, professor of Optical Science and (Condensed Matter) Physics at the University of Arizona, came to speak this evening on the subject of Optics in the History of Art, the use of lenses in (Flemish) Renaissance art. I was kind of offended by all of his anti-art history jokes and really demeaning attitude towards art historians, but the lecture itself was really interesting. This video is NOT the lecture he gave last night, but it’ll give you a taste of his awesome work.

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DONE. DONE DONE DONE. 15 typed pages of writing for two exams today, but I’m DONE.

Ended up with 4 1/2 hours of sleep, got up at 6:15AM, left for school an hour later, an hour after that, parked my car and made my way to Exam #1. Done by 10AM (surprisingly), off to sleep in my car (I know, I know) until 1PM, grabbed lunch, and went to my LAST final. It was actually rather sad, I was sitting in my American art final, it’s 3:30 PM, I’ve been at it an hour and I just want to be done. Still had an essay to write, I’m tired, I’m annoyed, and the only thing I want to do is sleep, but no. No, still have to write that stupid essay section. UGH. But it’s done, it’s all behind me. I am officially done with the last autumn quarter of my undergraduate career. VICTORY

Oh, that picture? Those are the 357 flashcards from my finals this quarter. Yep, just one quarter – just one set of exams. uh huh.

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knit knit purl skip

Up at 7AM, showered, dressed and out the door by 7:25AM, at the dentist’s office shortly thereafter and curled up in the waiting room, listening to The Picture of Dorian Gray free through LibriVox on my iPhone. Seriously, LibriVox is a pretty spiffy organization – enlisting volunteers to read and record literature in the public domain as audiobooks. Totally awesome.

Finished the BF’s scarf over the weekend and spent a few days trying to find a new cable pattern to use up this creamy wool yarn I have – harder than you would think! It’s surprisingly difficult to find a scarf pattern, using cables, around 35 stitches wide. So, I invented my own. I took a few patterns I liked, all around 45-50 stitches, and modified them to fit my needs. I’ll let you know how it turns out (maybe pictures?) but so far so good!

Came home, slept for a little bit, made up my flashcards, wrote the take-home part of my American Art final. Two finals tomorrow: 17th century Rome at 8:30 (!?) and American art at 2:30PM. GO GO GO.

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Just. Send. It. In!

UGH. Physical therapy – muscles in my shoulder/back are acting up again, but we figured out that, in fact, the main perpetrator may in fact be the intercostal muscle between my fourth and fifth ribs, not the serratus anterior on its own. Next, doctors appointments, stops at Pike Place Market, then several hours working on someone’s application essay. AHEM. But it was an excellent application, even though it took several hours, it’s damn good paper.

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Monday, Monday

Ahhh. First day of Finals Week. Why do I sound so relaxed, you ask? Because finals week means no classes, no driving to campus, no fighting traffic, none of that silliness. Well, almost. I was on campus today anyway to drop off my ad hoc form for Landscape Architecture, my independent study form (to get 2 extra credits for LARCH598), my Rome contract (!!!) and took the BFs transcripts to the admissions office. Both of my exams are on Thursday, but my main concern right now is helping the BF finish his transfer application to UW which is due tomorrow night. Whew.

In other news, made chicken Saltimbocca tonight- totally delicious! Probably the least kosher meal ever: chicken, two kinds of cheese, and prosciutto. Delicious delicious traif.

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Of all things Hungarian…

Slept in until 11 (I know, I know- but I’m just so tired, all the time), made ricotta-filled blintzes for breakfast/lunch, went and had my labs done at the polyclinic and headed to my last class of the quarter. Autumn quarter went by so quickly, I can’t even tell you – it was August, I was sitting at the park with my book every evening, missing my boyfriend and then BAM! it was midterms and he was home, then BAM! it’s finals! It’s scary.

Came home, made Hungarian Mushroom Soup for dinner, slept for two hours, woke up, watched some TV, cleaned up and caught up here, uploaded photos, etc. It’s been a long week.

Meanwhile, one week from right now my boyfriend will be home, we’ll probably be set up on the couch with a late dinner and a movie and I just can’t wait! Unfortunately, there’s an unbelievable amount of work (for both us) to be done in the meantime, and I just hope we can get through it all in one piece…

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zoom zoom!

Landscape final was a frustrating fiasco; evidently, my professor didn’t fill out the exam form for my final, so I was allowed to take it according to the same provisions as the midterm, including a half-hour less time than the class was allotted. Super annoyed. Took the exam, there was an additional category “Patron/Client” for all of the images (without forewarning) and one of the image IDs wasn’t on the exam review list. Lovely. I totally ran out of time while writing the comparisons, but hopefully it won’t totally bite me in the butt.

Afterwards, Alanagh, Emily and I ran up to Pizza Pi and had two amazing pizzas, consumed with gusto in the design center while we cleaned out Alanagh and Emily’s studio spaces. On the drive home, Alanagh and kept pace with each other and generally jerked around the bridge, being silly. Yay girl bonding time?

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Deep Freeze

Well, today was…ahem… cold. A lovely high of 33 F, with slick, crunchy sidewalks, frozen doorhandles and frostbitten (ok, not really) fingers. Fun, right? Thank God it’s not snowing.

In other news, I finally met with Judi to fill out my graduation application. The necessary forms have been signed, sealed and delivered – I am set to graduate June 10th, 2010 at 6:00 PM. Talk about a surreal moment.

After classes, went shopping with Alanagh – managed to find a nice wool J CREW crew neck/cable knit sweater and a super cute R. Lauren Polo cardigan- all for the magical price of $23. Total. Am I good, or am I good?

+ Four more days of class
+ Four more reading assignments
+ Three more exams
+ Two more American Art lectures
+ One more Rome lecture
+ One more Landscape lecture

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la la la

Physical therapy this morning, last landscape arch. seminar meeting this afternoon, you know, the usual…

Oh wait, didn’t I mention? I WAS ACCEPTED TO ROME! That’s right kids, I’m spending 25 March – 10 June 2010 in ROME. IN ITALY. WITH ITALIANS. AND ARCHITECTURE. SO EXCITED! (can’t you tell?)

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3 December 09

Term paper is DONE, finito, finis! So relieved. Now, sleep. I worked on it until 2 AM this morning, slept for 8 hours, got up and worked on it until just now (3:30 PM) it’s due in less than an hour and I still have to shower, make myself presentable and drive up to school. READYSETGO.

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Hot date

Today was rough; it really feels like things are falling apart at the seams. Let the quarter countdown begin!

+ Nine more days of class
+ Five more American lectures
+ Three more Landscape lectures
+ Three more Rome lectures
+ Three Exams
+ One Paper


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17th C Rome midterm: conquered! American Art paper: destroyed! I emerge victorious!

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So close! And yet so far…

Spent most of the day studying for my Rome exam, wrote my American Art paper on Maurer’s At the Shore (1901), so we’ll see how it goes tomorrow… Almost…to.. Thanksgiving…

Also, scanned, signed and uploaded some of my film prints from this past spring, check them out: here

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UGH. Woke up at 9:45 for my 10:15 physical therapy appointment; ran around getting my stuff together, knowing I was forgetting something but not sure what it was, but it wasn’t clothing, makeup, contacts or my laptop/iPhone so really, how important could it be?

Made it to PT, then seminar at noon, went to class, went to Starbucks to meet the insurance agent who is handling our bodily injury claim, came home and — BAM! That thing I forgot? It was the research books I had used for my paper, all from other Summit libraries (OSU, WWU, etc) due back today. But it’s ok, Suzzallo is always open late, right? Apparently not on Fridays. BE is closed, Art is closed, every single library is closed and each of these 18 books has a $50 overdue fine.

Needless to say, a long and loud string of expletives escaped my lips before I could really worry about it. Anyway, because they’re art history books, naturally they’re all several hundred pages, oversized, and heavier than they look (which is already pretty heavy), so we load them into two paper bags on one of those dorky little aluminum luggage carts for your carry-ons and set off, back to school, in search of Odegaard.

Naturally, the library is either up or down two flights of wet, slippery concrete stairs, no matter where you park, so I struggled down, was laughed at by a pair of preteen (okay, probably freshman) snobs who probably don’t even know what a research paper is. Anyway, I made my way to the information counter where I was informed that there is, in fact, a four day grace period for Summit books before they fine you $50/book. Good to know (two hours ago).

Despite all of the stress, my night ended happily — no overdue fines, paper is done, and it’s the weekend.

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