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3 December 09

Term paper is DONE, finito, finis! So relieved. Now, sleep. I worked on it until 2 AM this morning, slept for 8 hours, got up and worked on it until just now (3:30 PM) it’s due in less than an hour and I still have to shower, make myself presentable and drive up to school. READYSETGO.

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First real day of class (be serious, syllabus week is a joke) kicked off with my graduate seminar on the history of landscape architecture; hung around for a bit with Levi, grabbed lunch with Chester, skittered off to my 17th Rome class to talk about the Council of Trent (as analogous to changing underwear styles) for a couple hours, a bit of a break to check in on the Sick One and then back in that frigid room for an hour and a half of American Art in the 1760s-70s.

Now, I have to say, I am indescribably proud of myself because not only am I caught up on the reading for all of my classes, but I’m ahead! I know, right?! Anyway, up through chapter three of The Man Who Was Thursday and I’m still not quite sure how I feel; it’s not bad or uninteresting by any means, but you know how it is when you’re reading something for someone else’s sake? Yes, well, that’s me.

Oh, the picture? Welcome to campus.

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Two paths diverged in a yellow wood…

And sorry I could not travel both.

Slept in; basically spent all day sitting on the couch watching season two of Dexter while helping my mom labeling and stamping 700 postcards (that’s a LOT of postcards…) Looks like she’s gearing up for another vertigo attack, too :/

Otherwise, watched 10 Thing I Hate About You despite my general dislike of Julia Stiles, it was really cute. Tried to rewatch Pride and Prejudice but I didn’t get very far – still can’t force myself to get through it.

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wow I hate Mondays

Featuring my favorite tree on campus – conveniently situated just outside the Art and Music buildings. Its this feisty old maple whose roots protrude in just such a way as to be amazingly comfortable, shaded seating. Yes, I’m a tree-hugging geek and I am so over it.

going to a (hopefully) fab party tonight with some old friends, which will make up for this awful day.

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