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Happy birthday,

Today was the boyfriend’s 20th birthday! =) We ran about picking up his nieces and nephew from Federal Way, brought them home, took the two oldest girls to play at their cousins’ while we got dressed for dinner at Maggiano’s and Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony at Benaroya Hall. It was just lovely.

We dropped the girls off afterwards and headed home for cake. Naturally, BF’s favorite cake has to be the most complicated known to man: German Chocolate Cake. That being said, it was beyond wonderful – and, as someone who doesn’t like coconut (there are two cups in the recipe- jeeze!) that is impressive praise. Four layers of moist chocolate cake, with a custard-coconut-pecan filling, rum syrup glaze, the richest chocolate frosting you’ve ever had, topped with more of the coconut and pecan mixture. Amazing. Yes, it’s labor intensive, but it is definitely worth it! And Jules GF flour really proved its worth – this is layer cake perfection.

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Sooo it’s almost Halloween! Is that not reason enough to be super excited? Really? Well how about the fact that Levi and I got to go see Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho with the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall! It was so unbelievably excellent! It was raining like WHOA when it was over, necessitating a midnight stop at Dick’s for fries and a shake… nothing quite like showing up at Dick’s on 45th, at midnight, in the pouring rain, dressed for the symphony!

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Mm Mm Good!

I wish I could take responsibility for this culinary masterpiece (okay, I maybe exaggerating a little): thin gluten-free crust, pesto, mozzarella, feta, black olives and red onions. It has replaced pepperoni with ranch sauce. Hey, stop making that face – it’s delicious I tell you!

Also, bought tickets to see Psycho at the Seattle Symphony this Halloween – the film will be projected and the score performed live – how awesome is that?

In other news, as some of you may know, I just transferred everything over here (to WP) this afternoon and I’ll tell you, it was giving me fits. I’m much happier, but the formatting was giving me grief! All of my time/date codes were off by 7 or so hours, enough to push almost every single post into the next (incorrect) day. On top of that, I never used tags on Blogger because they were internal and boring and inconsistent; here, they’re globally linked/accessible and way more useful. I feel like half of them are totally lame, but it’s my first foray — I’ve always wanted my very own tag cloud =)

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