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Everything is actually going all right… Finished all of my reading on time, wrote up my bibliography, went to class, scrambled to find a replacement faculty letter (the professor I originally asked never responded to me e-mail, even though I’m her research assistant of a year? Yeaaah.) and pledged my eternal gratitude to Dr. Casteras, who inadvertently misplaced my friend and my graded landscape papers… oops… dropped by the library one last time, came home, worked on my scholarship application to finance the Rome program, watched Eastwick, and here we are!

Oh, and that gorgeous sunset was spotted on the drive home… at least it made rush hour traffic worthwhile!

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Today was filled with faculty meetings, a midterm exam and paper completion. Met with Prof. Ann Huppert who is a specialist on the architecture of the Italian Renaissance, took my midterm (nailed three out of four questions… the fourth one, well, not so much – but I realized the correct answer shortly after walking away. Ugh), turned in my landscape paper on A Country Home, sat through lecture, then met with Prof. Estelle Lingo to discuss, well, my future. We ended up planning, plotting and discussing for over an hour and she is one of the most phenomenal professors with whom I have ever had the pleasure of taking a class.

In other news it’s DONE – midterm COMPLETED, paper CONQUERED – now, just to get through the next 47 hours…

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It’s getting hot hot hot

and I thought yesterday was smogtastic… gorgeous pollution.

And yes, that is really what my dashboard thermometer read at 1:43 pm this afternoon. It ended up being 103 in Seattle today, 102 on Mercer Island. Today was officially the hottest day in Seattle’s history – beating out the historical record by 8 degrees. I was seriously tempted to run through the sprinklers on campus, but the 6 year old summer campers beat me to it :(

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Okay, first of all, I definitely went on a run this morning. Yes. I know. Laugh all you want. I got up at 5:45 am and went jogging. It wasn’t exactly “fun” but it wasn’t as awful as I remember either. We’ll see how this goes…

Anyway, I guess one of the major aesthetic advantages to this heat wave (today we topped out at 98) is that all of the pollution makes for gorgeous sunsets. Observe, exhibit A.

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