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Deep Freeze

Well, today was…ahem… cold. A lovely high of 33 F, with slick, crunchy sidewalks, frozen doorhandles and frostbitten (ok, not really) fingers. Fun, right? Thank God it’s not snowing.

In other news, I finally met with Judi to fill out my graduation application. The necessary forms have been signed, sealed and delivered – I am set to graduate June 10th, 2010 at 6:00 PM. Talk about a surreal moment.

After classes, went shopping with Alanagh – managed to find a nice wool J CREW crew neck/cable knit sweater and a super cute R. Lauren Polo cardigan- all for the magical price of $23. Total. Am I good, or am I good?

+ Four more days of class
+ Four more reading assignments
+ Three more exams
+ Two more American Art lectures
+ One more Rome lecture
+ One more Landscape lecture

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I made it! It’s Thanksgiving break! Woooo! My afternoon class was cancelled; I still had to show up for Rome at 12:30, which was fun but kind of frustrating… Grabbed lunch with Chester afterwards and checked at least one person off my Christmas shopping list…

In other news, it looks like a funeral parlor around here: there are flowers everywhere, having arrived throughout the day, to celebrate Mom’s birthday tomorrow. I’ll be honest, I’m a little jealous — but I’m also glad I get to be here this year to celebrate.

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Did Imelda ever feel this way?

Okay, so today was much, much better than yesterday. Woke up late, shuffled around the house, did some yard work for a while and then headed back to Bellevue Square to go find a nice pair of black pumps. Sounds easy, right?

No. Apparently, no one wears sensible shoes anymore — your choices are chunky kitten heals for the orthopedically impaired, or 4″ stilettos for the young and stupid. Finally found a pair of Via Spiga’s that kind of worked, with four insoles and comfy pieces and whatnot — stopped by Aldo, just for giggles, and found pretty much the perfect pair– and for one third the price and no necessary insole comfy things! Victory!

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Tipping Toadstools

First of all, I’m sick. That sore throat/congested/sinus-infected ickiness. Pretty sure it’s not H1N1 but meh, who knows (who cares?)

Anyway, today was just one of those days. Work was strange; inconsistently busy and alternately quiet, everyone was pretty much on edge. It was just unfortunate. Meanwhile, it was raining like none other – lakes forming around every storm drain, the parking lot was an inch-deep in oil-slicked water, and everyone in their SUV was out driving like an idiot. Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Came home, went out shopping with mom, almost drowned in the Target parking lot — I kid you not, the overflow from the ROOF created a waterfall onto the sidewalk, there were puddles 4 inches deep throughout the parking lot and of course, everyone was immobilized/running around screaming. I never understood that impulse, but whatever. Came home and slept for a bit, watched some movies and worked on this scarf with a super complicated triple cable pattern. I feel like I’m suffocating on my own mucus. YUCK.

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Taking stock

Okay, so as some of you may know, I am a strange specimen of the female species: I really dislike shopping. So it may come as a shock when you hear that I bought a bajillion sweaters today (in almost as many sweaters- YAR ARGYLE) and some awesome hats (including a black fedora with a purple band – haha!)

In other news, we boiled the chicken from last night and made EPIC stock… pictured are the drippings from the roast, not the completed deal, but isn’t it gorgeous? (It tastes even better).

Ugh. Fall quarter classes start tomorrow. Double ugh.

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I’m a material girl

Excellent day: woke up late, went to be stabbed in the name of medical science (aka quarterly blood test) then to the Village to buy a birthday card and run some other errands, then home to mess around for a few hours before heading to the beach with the Ginger and take-out. We came home, baked up a FANTASTIC apple cobbler and watched Sixteen Candles.

On an unrelated note, RIP Patrick Swayze =(

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Last night was awful. Slept in the family room with mom and it was definitely no fun, but I’m glad I was there. Woke up too early, went to work, and came home to… (drumroll, please) an e-mail. And not just any e-mail but a “Let’s schedule an interview” e-mail – yes, Yes, YES! I jumped up and down and ran around and then realized that I have absolutely nothing to wear to an interview of this caliber.

After multiple hours at Nordstrom’s, I’m seriously disgusted with the fashion industry and what the world thinks that young business women my age should wear. I’m sorry, but I don’t think a pink, yellow and brown tweed jacket over a pink and brown camo-print silk shell is in any way “classic”. Ew ew ew. I did find an epic black wool pencil skirt, coupled with my Steve Madden peep-toe pumps and and an amazing cotton blouse from Talbot’s that is simply amazing. So excited – we’ll see how it works out! :)

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