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Pictured, is the front gate of my one of my favorite houses in the city. It’s adjacent to Volunteer Park, shrouded by cypresses and it’s just so romantically Italian and out of place and perfect. Anyway, I console myself with the thought that the roof probably leaks.

So today was pretty crazy: I’m still sick (but my sore throat is almost gone!), another hectic day at work, came home and worked on the outline/thesis for my Landscape History term paper (I’m planning to compare Villa d’Este and Villa Giulia, both built in 1550 near Rome and exemplify the transition between the Renaissance aesthetic and the emergence of the ‘Baroque’ style… hey, I have 20 pages, leave me alone).

The highlight of the weekend was easily a surprise trip to Seattle’s oldest cemetery (Lakeview Cemetery, adjacent to Volunteer Park) with Levi. It was kind of cold, but surprisingly dry, unfortunately we were only there for 15 minutes before it closed. LAME. Still managed to grab some really great shots and I can’t wait to go back. We came home, hung around until dinner then came back and watched part of Halloween VIII (yeah, I know) and Family Guy (the Stephen King episode– you know the one). Stopped by Molly Moon’s on the way back to UW for some Theo Chocolate and Pumpkin Clove ice cream (oh, so good – but bring back cardamom!), hurtling into a sugar coma before sleep.

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Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head…

Autumn is officially. Okay, today kind of just sucked. I watched the sunrise! From the drive thru window. Grrr! Woke up on the wrong side of dawn to go to work; came home, ran around, skipped class because it was raining like WHOA (yeah, just like that) so I stayed home and slept then caught up on Ugly Betty, Psyche and every other TV show I’ve missed so far this season. Ugh.

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Of Hippodamian grids…

Today was another lazy kind of day; didn’t have class until 4:30 so I hung around, caught up on laundry and did some reading. On the ay home, dropped Alanagh off at the park and ride only to find that some rude POS parked at such an angle that he hit her car with his gigantic Suburban AND LEFT IT PARKED THERE, TOUCHING HER CAR. WHO DOES THAT? and THEN a gigantic spider crawled out from under her car as she backed out, so I’m standing in the park and ride parking lot at 10 PM dancing around and shrieking like an idiot trying to find my car keys. Quality.

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Class, faculty meeting (I was told not to bother applying to graduate school until I knew exactly what kind of career I want to pursue — as if any graduating senior knows what they’re doing – UGH!), more class, and then a FREE SCREENING of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE a whole TWO DAYS before it will release – WHOOO! Unfortunately, I was kind of disappointed, but it was kinda cute…

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Today was pretty average; went out and were planning on seeing Paranormal Activity but didn’t. Anyway, I’m on my way home at 11:30PM and my gas light comes on under the Convention Center – fine, stressful, but fine. Oh wait, the I-90E / I-5S interchange is closed – detour directs you to the downtown express lanes except, oh wait, they’re closed! Grumble. Drive down through the International District into the ghetto – it’s now almost midnight – and not one, but TWO onramps are closed! I’m forced to get out my car, in the middle of the ghetto, at midnight and get gas, then drive for another 20 minutes to the 4th AVE / Edgar Martinez DR , with roughly 50 other people, and loop back around onto the freeway. RAWR. WSDOT IS GOING TO RECEIVE A VERY ANGRY LETTER.

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Okay, so first of all, this picture is a mess. I shot it, while driving, through the blue-strip of my windshield with my 3 year old digital point and shoot- ugh!

Anyway, today was rather average – still loving my classes, found out my film prints are on display in the Gould Commons! HOW AWESOME IS THAT? (I think it’s, you know, all right… AHEM)

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And the countdown begins…

First Friday of the quarter and it was FANTASTIC! I LOVE my landscape architecture graduate seminar (yikes!) and the weather, while it started off rather soggy, decided to cooperate throughout the afternoon. But hey, one week down, nine to go…

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Sleepless in Seattle

Got up. Went to work. Autopilot kind of day. Came home and puttered around the house for a bit, reveling in self-pity. Slept through the afternoon before indulging in my newly discovered favorite activity: sitting on a bench in Slater park with a warm cup of coffee and a good book.

Home again. Waiting.

Went to Alki sometime after 11 with my Knight; the beach was cold but there was no wind.

Sometimes I feel like God and I are playing chicken, waiting to see who is going to look away first…

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yes, this was taken from traffic on I-5 S just after the Lakeview entrance, sitting at the meter and waiting for gridlock to free up. Oh how lovely.

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Another trip to the SAM…

… and the Hammering Man still isn’t hammering. I am very displeased.

On a side note (just kidding), we spent almost two hours with the curator Michael Darling, discussing the new exhibit. Sweeeet.

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Today simply couldn’t be captured in a single image; so here are four. We drove up to Snoqualmie, into the city, up to Wallingford, and back to the Island in hopes of giving an out-of-town friend a taste of the area. Let me just say that I’m exhausted.

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En garde!

Another Friday afternoon spent at the Seattle Art Museum; I’m really starting to hate this class and the pretentious graduate students who are taking it. Ugh.

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