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More errands today; took an hour and went to the Seattle Art Museum to find an American genre painting for my paper due on Monday (Alfred Henry Maurer’s At the Shore, 1901), still have to study for my test (also Monday). But fortunately, the fabulous Lauren is home(!) and we were able to meet for coffee, catch up, grab dinner (found out Han’s Garden on the Island can use Tamari instead of soy sauce for certain dishes and clean the pans, making them deliciously gluten free!) before coming home to crash… It’s been a long, long week…

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Misty mornings

Today was super stressful; worked from 9-1:30P, came home and ran around writing up my Landscape Architecture term paper outline and proposal, went to class, came home and watched the Forgotten then worked on my Landscape paper for American Art.

For my landscape paper, I ended up viewing in person (for extra credit, yes) Frederic Edwin Church’s A Country Home at the SAM and writing three pages on its aesthetic, formal and ideological contents. It was ALMOST fun, if not for Prof. Casteras’ “23 Rules” page which lays out the 23 things that will guarantee failure for her course (including things as silly as italicizing the titles of pieces as well as avoiding dangling participles… still not sure what that means, grammatically…) Finished at midnight and then studied for my 17th C Rome midterm. Do I know how to have fun, or what?

71 hours =)

Frederic Edwin Church’s A Country Home from 1854, oil on canvas. Seattle Art Museum.

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Another trip to the SAM…

… and the Hammering Man still isn’t hammering. I am very displeased.

On a side note (just kidding), we spent almost two hours with the curator Michael Darling, discussing the new exhibit. Sweeeet.

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En garde!

Another Friday afternoon spent at the Seattle Art Museum; I’m really starting to hate this class and the pretentious graduate students who are taking it. Ugh.

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Volunteer Park and the SAAM

Okay, so it was my inaugural trip to Volunteer park and let me just say, it’s amazing! Koi ponds, a surprisingly attractive reservoir, hidden nooks, the Seattle Asian Art Museum, trails, grassy knolls – Volunteer Park has it all and I can’t wait to go back!

It’s funny, despite having spent most of my life here, I feel like I’m really discovering Seattle for the first time…

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