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And the countdown begins…

First Friday of the quarter and it was FANTASTIC! I LOVE my landscape architecture graduate seminar (yikes!) and the weather, while it started off rather soggy, decided to cooperate throughout the afternoon. But hey, one week down, nine to go…

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Okay, not really. Another amazingly long day – I’m fantastically impressed with myself that I was able to stay awake through all of it! Another post-midnight picture, but come on – it’s DICK’S.

Didn’t get to bed until after 4 AM (Amazing Grace was excellent) and had to be up at 9 to get ready to go to a traditional latin Mass in Ballard… I was supposed to work from 8-2:30 but in the interest of ‘advancing my religious education’ I was able to switch with someone closing. Anyway, home by 2 – work from 3:15 – 9:15 — it went amazingly fast because I have THE best coworkers ever. Ever. Usually it takes until 9:45 or 10 but we were done in a flash.

Picked up from work, went to see the movie Adam at the Egyptian (one of my favorite Landmark Theaters) and it was amazing. I’ll be perfectly honest, I was totally skeptical — it looked like a depressing mess — but it was cute and sad and funny and sweet. Highly recommended.

Hung out for an hour after the movie ended at 12:30, being sketchy on the corner of Broadway and Pine. Yuck. Creepy hustling junkies -way uncool, but the White Knight was as yet unfazed. Went to Dick’s, loaded up on salty, greasy, awful, amazing fries and their omgtakemenow chocolate shakes. Mmmmm. Home before 2, and this is where I fall asleep…

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Today is one of the worst days I can remember. Woke up at 10am to two dozen gorgeous roses delivered to my door – with an unwarranted apology that just broke my heart. I hate this. Sometimes it feels like I am trapped on this out of control roller coaster and when it hits the ground, I just want to get off… the problem is, when you’re soaring through the air, there’s nothing like it – nothing better – and it’s hard to let go.

I hate crying. I hate the way my mascara runs and gets in my eyes and sticks to my contacts. That’s all I did today; be weepy and upset and angry and totally pathetic because I let other people’s neuroses infect my life. It’s not to say the host-person isn’t a fun one, but the neuroses have got to go – I can’t take this stress in my life. I hate not knowing what’s going on, where I stand, what I’m supposed to do. It’s awful. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.

**UPDATE:** Uh yeah, relevance of the photo: broke down and went out to Red Robin for a bucket of french fries and a chocolate shake. I deserved it.

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say cheese!

There’s really nothing to love about the Cheesecake Factory; they don’t take reservations, so you go, sit in their crowded foyer for an hour and a half, by the time you’re seated the staff is so exhausted they can barely take your order – no less understand special instructions like ‘GLUTEN FREE’ , overcharge you ridiculously and include a 20% tip for a group of 6 — I mean I don’t even get to enjoy their signature cheesecake so what differences does it make? Grrr. Still love going out with my friends, I just wish we could pick anywhere else to eat out…

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Mama mia!


Maggiano’s is so unbelievably amazing. First off, they serve everything family style and more importantly, they have fabulous gluten free pasta (and even better, a chef/staff that really GET IT!) Gotta love that Rigatoni “D” :) Mmm… food coma… can’t wait for lunch tomorrow!

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