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Today is one of the worst days I can remember. Woke up at 10am to two dozen gorgeous roses delivered to my door – with an unwarranted apology that just broke my heart. I hate this. Sometimes it feels like I am trapped on this out of control roller coaster and when it hits the ground, I just want to get off… the problem is, when you’re soaring through the air, there’s nothing like it – nothing better – and it’s hard to let go.

I hate crying. I hate the way my mascara runs and gets in my eyes and sticks to my contacts. That’s all I did today; be weepy and upset and angry and totally pathetic because I let other people’s neuroses infect my life. It’s not to say the host-person isn’t a fun one, but the neuroses have got to go – I can’t take this stress in my life. I hate not knowing what’s going on, where I stand, what I’m supposed to do. It’s awful. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.

**UPDATE:** Uh yeah, relevance of the photo: broke down and went out to Red Robin for a bucket of french fries and a chocolate shake. I deserved it.

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