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Today, we cleaned. Everything. Six straight hours of cleaning. It also snowed briefly for multiple times, all of which stuck to the sidewalks, plants, lawns, roads, etc. because it’s been so bloody cold lately, the chances of it melting are obscenely small. It’s supposed to snow again more forcefully tomorrow and Tuesday, but hopefully it will stay dry until I can drop off all of my paperwork and take my finals… ugh.

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Woke up, got dressed, ran around to the JCC’s Chanukah Pajama Jam festival to help set up a booth. The highlight? Eastside Chabad (Lubavitch) had an oil press and barrel of olives setup and made olive oil RIGHT THERE. It was pretty awesome.

Anyway, another chilly day: we finally cleaned out the impatiens and violets in pots by the front door, hung evergreen wreaths with Alanagh, moved the bright magenta chard to blue pots, replaced the chard with little 24″ lime green cypresses and an arbovitae for the front door. It’s feeling mighty Christmasy around here…

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crunchcrunch crinklecrinkle

I cannot tell you how lovely it was to spend a weekend not worrying about that bloody term paper. I didn’t even realize how much stress it was generating until I turned it in.

Anyway, woke up around 8:30 this morning, only to find a frost-covered wonderland on my patio. It was a chilly 28 F (are you sure we’re still in Seattle?) and it was just glorious to see the first frost of the season, lit by that blue early morning light. Love it, just please don’t let it snow…yet.

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Sooo it’s almost Halloween! Is that not reason enough to be super excited? Really? Well how about the fact that Levi and I got to go see Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho with the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall! It was so unbelievably excellent! It was raining like WHOA when it was over, necessitating a midnight stop at Dick’s for fries and a shake… nothing quite like showing up at Dick’s on 45th, at midnight, in the pouring rain, dressed for the symphony!

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Tipping Toadstools

First of all, I’m sick. That sore throat/congested/sinus-infected ickiness. Pretty sure it’s not H1N1 but meh, who knows (who cares?)

Anyway, today was just one of those days. Work was strange; inconsistently busy and alternately quiet, everyone was pretty much on edge. It was just unfortunate. Meanwhile, it was raining like none other – lakes forming around every storm drain, the parking lot was an inch-deep in oil-slicked water, and everyone in their SUV was out driving like an idiot. Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Came home, went out shopping with mom, almost drowned in the Target parking lot — I kid you not, the overflow from the ROOF created a waterfall onto the sidewalk, there were puddles 4 inches deep throughout the parking lot and of course, everyone was immobilized/running around screaming. I never understood that impulse, but whatever. Came home and slept for a bit, watched some movies and worked on this scarf with a super complicated triple cable pattern. I feel like I’m suffocating on my own mucus. YUCK.

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Today is the Autumnal Equinox – precisely twelve hours* separates sunrise and sunset, officially marking the end of summer. I’m not really sure what to say about that.

Got up early, had a doctor’s appointment, came home and taped off my French doors to paint, rearranged my furniture, went to the obligatory work meeting, came home, hung some mirrors, played with my pictures and pondered the general disarray that is my life at the moment. Ugh.

* give or take 3 minutes.

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After a summer-long hiatus, the bestie is BACK – in black (well, ginger, really) I love this girl and it doesn’t matter that summer is almost over and my Knight is halfway around the world because she is BACK. On a related note, the other bestie leaves in like three days and I’m beside myself with panic and undecided angst :(

On another note, I got my MacBook back!!! And then I realized that the fools who replaced my harddrive managed to somehow disable my optical drive. Fantastic. Back to the Apple Store I go, grumbling all the way…

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