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Finally turned the Subaru in to some random autobody shop off Bel-Red Road that Farmer’s picked out. There was a minor debacle, but the rental car they finally gave us is an 2008 Subaru Impreza sedan… I’ll put it this way: I’m surprised it has power windows/locks. Anyway, went straight from the rental agency to my doctor’s office, then home, then class.

Our landscape architecture course discussed Versailles and Vaux-le-Vicomte, two of the most spectacular 18th C French Gardens, which embody a unique development in both the arts and science: infinity and optical planning.

With Versailles, the long N/S axis which extends across the flat plain (or plane), incorporating an innovative new approach to landscape design: elevation of the vanishing point such that it is no longer within the bounds of the garden, but instead floats somewhere above horizon line. In doing this, the central vista disappears into the distance, implying an infinite reach and, furthermore, that this land ‘as far as the eye can see’ is part of Louis XIV’s kingdom. In any case, as amazing as Versailles may be, Vaux-le-Vicomte is infinitely (pun only half-intended) more impressive: instead of relying on simply on the infinite vista, Le Notre et al crafted a complex optical field which employs both artificial foreshortening, optical ‘jumps’ which alternately make the chateau look bigger/smaller, closer/farther away, etc. causing your vision to leap great distances (making the Hercules appear closer), but also magnifying the Chateau at various points so that it appears to be just past that parterre or over the lake.

In any case, got our midterms back (94% — not including the 10 extra credit points, which would put me over 100% whoo!) and drove home with Alanagh — we made it home alive, and we’re taking the car in tomorrow. Wish me luck!

(oh, and the title? References a pair of fountains in Le Notre’s labyrinth at Versailles)

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Yesterday was tough, that’s all I’m going to say.

It has rained and rained and rained! And we still don’t have a rental car, but the Subaru has been deemed ‘drivable’ (at least in the interim), so I drove it up to school, in the cold and the wet. Classes were fine: in Rome, we finished discussing the St. Peter’s crossing and what would have happened if Pope Innocent VII (Mafeo Barberini) had commissioned Duquesnoy or Mochi to design the crossing, instead of Bernini (the results would not have been pretty…), in American Art we started our discussion of Winslow Homer.

In any case, peace out!

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Today was pretty average; went out and were planning on seeing Paranormal Activity but didn’t. Anyway, I’m on my way home at 11:30PM and my gas light comes on under the Convention Center – fine, stressful, but fine. Oh wait, the I-90E / I-5S interchange is closed – detour directs you to the downtown express lanes except, oh wait, they’re closed! Grumble. Drive down through the International District into the ghetto – it’s now almost midnight – and not one, but TWO onramps are closed! I’m forced to get out my car, in the middle of the ghetto, at midnight and get gas, then drive for another 20 minutes to the 4th AVE / Edgar Martinez DR , with roughly 50 other people, and loop back around onto the freeway. RAWR. WSDOT IS GOING TO RECEIVE A VERY ANGRY LETTER.

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Well another SeaFair weekend has come to a close… Sorry the past few days of content have been so tedious, I just love the Blue Angels!

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highway to hell

Okay, yes, I see the trend towards post-titles/song lyrics. Evidently my creativity has a limit… oh well!

so today was the first real day of our heat wave: 95 F in Seattle and on the Island. Sitting through class was…. miserable. Fortunately, my class on the third floor of the un-air conditioned Art bldg is in the morning, before it gets too unpleasant. Anyway, even the basement was awful — stuffy, terrible – definitely not conducive to looking at slides and still being awake.

Nothing quite like being stuck in traffic, 95 degrees (fortunately, a stellar A/C system) looking at the lake… driving over the lake… drooling over the lake… Needless to say, I went to the beach (again — 8th straight day!) and was parked next to this classic beauty. Ohh Americana…

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On the road again…

So today was the second day of the I-90 westbound detour and it really wasn’t so bad — we left at 9:25 for our 10:45 class and arrived on campus at *drumroll please!* 9:50

I kid you not. On top of that, I received an e-mail early this morning from the professor of my first class informing us that she was under the weather and would not be able to teach this morning. Fine, that’s cool – I understand. I ran some errands at the Village and, with two hours left, I parked in the garage and worked on my readings… until I woke up. Uh huh.

However, half an hour into my third class, our professor still hadn’t shown – so we made a group decision to leave a note on the whiteboard, have one of the graduates drop him an e-mail and peace OUT. Point of the story is: I spent more time in my car than anywhere else today and that is NOT how I like to spend my time…

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