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Say that three times fast.

Physical therapy this morning; had four different problems in my neck (joy!), impacting various muscles in my chest and back – seem to be somewhat improved. Mom and I ventured off to Costco (a frightening prospect this time of year), came home, made dinner (potato leek soup), and had a nice quiet evening at home. Scarf #2 is coming along quite nicely (well over halfway done) so we’ll see when I’ll finally finish it!

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Physical therapy, more BF time. Uh huh. We’re establishing a pattern, and I kinda like it. Getting in touch with BF’s heritage, I made him my version of Hungarian Mushroom soup and played more Halo – and I’m actually getting better! Take that, traditional gender roles -ha!

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Just. Send. It. In!

UGH. Physical therapy – muscles in my shoulder/back are acting up again, but we figured out that, in fact, the main perpetrator may in fact be the intercostal muscle between my fourth and fifth ribs, not the serratus anterior on its own. Next, doctors appointments, stops at Pike Place Market, then several hours working on someone’s application essay. AHEM. But it was an excellent application, even though it took several hours, it’s damn good paper.

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Serratus Anterior

These gorgeous flowers (red roses + white lilies) are from my wonderful, amazing, sweet boyfriend – who I am more and more convinced is practically the embodiment of Romance.

In less interesting news, my physical therapist found the muscle serratus anterior (seen below, but the opposite side) which has been causing a number of problems lately, not the least of which is paralyzing pain beneath my shoulder blade at the most random times (as in, while I’m knitting) and my ribs being tender-to-touch, which is surprisingly painful, I must say. So, to try and fix it, he layered super-strong athletic tape across and down my shoulders to try and brace them against each other instead of straining the muscle. Cool, right? Not so much.

This afternoon was also my last landscape architecture lecture, which was pretty swank. We watched a video on the founding and development of Yosemite national park, which was really interesting and gorgeous – I’ve decided that I simply have to go, and there’s nothing to be done about it. Best of all, none of the information from this exam will be required on the final – sweet, right? I think so.

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la la la

Physical therapy this morning, last landscape arch. seminar meeting this afternoon, you know, the usual…

Oh wait, didn’t I mention? I WAS ACCEPTED TO ROME! That’s right kids, I’m spending 25 March – 10 June 2010 in ROME. IN ITALY. WITH ITALIANS. AND ARCHITECTURE. SO EXCITED! (can’t you tell?)

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UGH. Woke up at 9:45 for my 10:15 physical therapy appointment; ran around getting my stuff together, knowing I was forgetting something but not sure what it was, but it wasn’t clothing, makeup, contacts or my laptop/iPhone so really, how important could it be?

Made it to PT, then seminar at noon, went to class, went to Starbucks to meet the insurance agent who is handling our bodily injury claim, came home and — BAM! That thing I forgot? It was the research books I had used for my paper, all from other Summit libraries (OSU, WWU, etc) due back today. But it’s ok, Suzzallo is always open late, right? Apparently not on Fridays. BE is closed, Art is closed, every single library is closed and each of these 18 books has a $50 overdue fine.

Needless to say, a long and loud string of expletives escaped my lips before I could really worry about it. Anyway, because they’re art history books, naturally they’re all several hundred pages, oversized, and heavier than they look (which is already pretty heavy), so we load them into two paper bags on one of those dorky little aluminum luggage carts for your carry-ons and set off, back to school, in search of Odegaard.

Naturally, the library is either up or down two flights of wet, slippery concrete stairs, no matter where you park, so I struggled down, was laughed at by a pair of preteen (okay, probably freshman) snobs who probably don’t even know what a research paper is. Anyway, I made my way to the information counter where I was informed that there is, in fact, a four day grace period for Summit books before they fine you $50/book. Good to know (two hours ago).

Despite all of the stress, my night ended happily — no overdue fines, paper is done, and it’s the weekend.

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Finished my paper at 7:40 this morning, left for physical therapy at 7:45, came home and did a little bit of proofreading before heading up to school for my Rome interview at noon… Came home, slept for an hour and a half, went to lecture, turned in my paper and breathed a deep, shaky sigh of relief. I made it until 9 PM so I feel like I owe it to myself to pass out, seeing as my eyes won’t uncross… Man, I feel old all of a sudden… Good night.

Oh, the photo? One of the lanterns outside Suzzallo Library.

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Thank you,

to all of our veterans. I’m not exactly a pacifist, I just really don’t see the point of/comprehend the idea of going to war (okay, maybe I am a pacifist after all). But regardless, thank you.

Because it is Veteran’s Day so we all know what that means: classes are cancelled! Whoo! So what did I do? I went and spent two hours being x-rayed and then another hour in physical therapy. The best part? I had no less than four different aides ask me if I was pregnant. SERIOUSLY? DO I LOOK PREGNANT? I DIDN’T THINK SO. I was so shocked the first time, I almost couldn’t answer! UGH.

So here’s the diagnosis: sprained hip and back, my pelvis is torque because my foot was on the break at the time of the impact. Cool, right? Not so much…

In other news, my Blackberry is pretty much dead: keeps turning off, the flash on the camera randomly goes off, will blank out while its asleep and have to restart, etc. So I called T-Mobile to have them send another replacement handset (this is just what happened to my first phone back in January) and it’s only 9 months old, so it’s still in the manufacturers warranty, right? Wrong. Apparently T-Mobile has a policy concerning handsets: they don’t care about the MANUFACTURERs warranty, no, and they only honor their warranty for a year — from the date of the purchase of the INITIAL HANDSET. So, my warranty expired back in August. I ask you: what kind of ridiculous policy is that? Well it gets BETTER. What are my options?

1. Pay $80 to replace my Blackberry AND I’m stuck with my crappy T-Mobile service for the next two years

2. Pay $350 to replace my Blackberry without a contract extension

3. Pay $200 to cancel my service, at which point I’ll have to put out more money at some point to get a new phone.

Four phone calls later, I finally got through to a supervisor who informed me that I was out of contract since August and thus, the $200 early termination fee is null and void. So guess what I decided to? That’s right: get an iPhone =) It arrives on Friday!

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