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Happy Birthday, bff

Best friend’s birthday :) my craftiness was put to good use! Hung out for a bit, went to dinner at China Gate (amaaaaazing) in Chinatown and then headed back to her house for a rockin party :)

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got home from the party at 1 this afternoon and all I have to say is that I had an amazing night (except for the sleeping on the ridiculously uncomfortable carpet-covered concrete floor. owieeee) because my friends are possibly the coolest people ever.

Anyway, this pretty much summed up my day, except for (wait for it, wait for it) the 2,500 word essay I had to write on Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein and their use of irony as an iconoclastic tool. fml but so so so worth it

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wow I hate Mondays

Featuring my favorite tree on campus – conveniently situated just outside the Art and Music buildings. Its this feisty old maple whose roots protrude in just such a way as to be amazingly comfortable, shaded seating. Yes, I’m a tree-hugging geek and I am so over it.

going to a (hopefully) fab party tonight with some old friends, which will make up for this awful day.

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oh dahling

Well our Seattle Summer has returned – 60 degrees, slightly humid and overcast until about 3 this afternoon. Lovely. Anyway, after class headed over to Volunteer Park for Lena’s water fight birthday party. The weather pretty much sucked, but we still had a good time and I took the opportunity to snap some shots of the dahlia garden and the Conservatory… check out my flickr for the best of the best :)

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busy day! errands, coffee date, beachside barbeque, house party. It was great hanging out with people I haven’t seen in months – I didn’t realize how much I missed them

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highlight of my summer?

okay, the lame title was NOT my idea. As you may or may not have guessed it was a highlighter party (black lights, white clothing, retarded drawing, etc) technically the party started last night, but this was taken way after midnight… didn’t get home until close to 4am and then had the pleasure of heading into work. Thank god for coffee fumes to keep me awake!

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It was one of those days. You know, where it sometimes feels like it would be worth it to just walk out on your lunch and never look back… or gnawing off your hand would be less painful than staying at work. You know how it is.

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Well! Happy 4th of July! This year was amazing – probably the best of the last five. Friends, food, fireworks (albeit, an epic firework fail on the part of the boys). I’ve been thinking a lot about what was going in my life a year ago, and everything has changed so much! I have changed so much in the past calendar year, it’s crazy -and I’m so much better for it. Anyway, happy Independence Day :)

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