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We shed what was left of our summer skins…

Mom’s vertigo is definitely back -and with a vengeance. Now it’s no longer posterior but horizontal (no, I have no idea what it means but it’s super icky) and she has been wicked sick all day. It’s awful, I feel pretty much helpless.

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Two paths diverged in a yellow wood…

And sorry I could not travel both.

Slept in; basically spent all day sitting on the couch watching season two of Dexter while helping my mom labeling and stamping 700 postcards (that’s a LOT of postcards…) Looks like she’s gearing up for another vertigo attack, too :/

Otherwise, watched 10 Thing I Hate About You despite my general dislike of Julia Stiles, it was really cute. Tried to rewatch Pride and Prejudice but I didn’t get very far – still can’t force myself to get through it.

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After a summer-long hiatus, the bestie is BACK – in black (well, ginger, really) I love this girl and it doesn’t matter that summer is almost over and my Knight is halfway around the world because she is BACK. On a related note, the other bestie leaves in like three days and I’m beside myself with panic and undecided angst :(

On another note, I got my MacBook back!!! And then I realized that the fools who replaced my harddrive managed to somehow disable my optical drive. Fantastic. Back to the Apple Store I go, grumbling all the way…

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swing swing swing

Amazing how that weightless feeling makes everything better.

Countdown is ticking away. I hate this.

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discovering a new favorite

my sistah from anotha mistah (you have to say it that way) showed me a new waterfront park, so we spent the afternoon catching up under a chestnut tree, eating hummus and watching the boats on Lake Washington… but shh, it’s a secret!

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