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Lazy Sunday

Went to work, stopped by the farmer’s market, then came home and finished painting. The room looks stellar! I’m so excited! I was concerned that the gilded mirror that hangs over my dresser would look weird against the gray, but it looks fantastic – it’s the perfect museum or gallery color.

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So remember yesterday when I was talking about painting my bedroom in Edgecomb Gray? Well, we got started right when I got home from work (another hellish day at the drive-thru) and I have to say, this color is phenomenal. It’s almost a non-color; it absorbs and reflects light in such a way that it seems to disappear. I love it. It counteracts the green light reflected from the park and the red light from my brick patio just perfectly! I’m so thrilled (if it didn’t work out, my plan was to throw myself in front of a movie train and/or paint the whole thing Linen White and just call it a day).

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L’shanah tovah u’metukah

So tired. Slept on and off until 11:30 (I know, I know), ran a few errands, figured out how to partition my external hard drive so that it could be to back up Windows files. Bought a gallon of Edgecomb Gray, hopefully the red undertones will counteract all of the green light reflected from the park. Ugh.

BMHC173 EdgecombGray
Benjamin Moore HC-173 / Edgecomb Gray

On an unrelated note, Honeycrisp Apples are back in season! They are my absolute, unequivocal favorite type of apple and I am utterly thrilled. I discovered this lovely surprise while picking up mushrooms for another favorite, Hungarian Mushroom Soup – inspired by the recipe from the Old Wives’ Tales restaurant in Portland, Oregon. It was my favorite as a child but I hadn’t made it years – and the verdict: still fantastic.

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