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highway to hell

Okay, yes, I see the trend towards post-titles/song lyrics. Evidently my creativity has a limit… oh well!

so today was the first real day of our heat wave: 95 F in Seattle and on the Island. Sitting through class was…. miserable. Fortunately, my class on the third floor of the un-air conditioned Art bldg is in the morning, before it gets too unpleasant. Anyway, even the basement was awful — stuffy, terrible – definitely not conducive to looking at slides and still being awake.

Nothing quite like being stuck in traffic, 95 degrees (fortunately, a stellar A/C system) looking at the lake… driving over the lake… drooling over the lake… Needless to say, I went to the beach (again — 8th straight day!) and was parked next to this classic beauty. Ohh Americana…


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