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Today was pretty average; went out and were planning on seeing Paranormal Activity but didn’t. Anyway, I’m on my way home at 11:30PM and my gas light comes on under the Convention Center – fine, stressful, but fine. Oh wait, the I-90E / I-5S interchange is closed – detour directs you to the downtown express lanes except, oh wait, they’re closed! Grumble. Drive down through the International District into the ghetto – it’s now almost midnight – and not one, but TWO onramps are closed! I’m forced to get out my car, in the middle of the ghetto, at midnight and get gas, then drive for another 20 minutes to the 4th AVE / Edgar Martinez DR , with roughly 50 other people, and loop back around onto the freeway. RAWR. WSDOT IS GOING TO RECEIVE A VERY ANGRY LETTER.

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Whoo! Day 100! I know I’ve been falling behind a little bit lately – my apologies! – things are getting seriously crazy with school starting and it has been madness I tell you! Pictured above is the exterior back stairway of the University of Washington’s Architectural Hall – complete with a Fibonacci spiral inlaid into the concrete.

Speaking of madness, went and saw The September Issue last night at Seven Gables – and it was so good! Go see it – right now. It’s been described as the “real” The Devil Wears Prada and to a point, that’s true. Anna Wintour scares the stuffing out of me – yikes!

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The second day of the quarter has come to a close; my first class today was at, oh, 4:30 pm – resent me all you want, it was GLORIOUS. I love my landscape architecture class and, as it turns out, instead of completing my independent study well, independently, I will be participating in the graduate seminar (!!!) how awesome is that?

Afterwards, we headed over to a free sneak preview screening of Zombieland and, as gross and graphic and fluid-intense as it was, it was absolutely hilarious, over the top and excellent. To be fair, I don’t know if I’d want to drop $10 for a ticket, but it was still a good time. If you like zombie movies, it’s a must-see.

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Today was… crazy (in case you couldn’t tell by the really late post). Got up, moved the hydrangeas from the front patio into the ground, ran up to the Wells-Medina nursery (they’s SO fantastic there!) and bought container plants (to replace the aforementioned hydrangeas). Hopped in the shower and drove up to school for one of the major Dawg Daze events – the first annual Rock Band competition (Beatles edition) and Late Night Breakfast + Rocky Horror Picture Show — it was totally epic. I froze my butt off (despite a blanket, sweater and Northface fleeze… ugh) but it was so worth it! 50 or so people came in costume, everyone was shouting and dancing — it was perfect =)

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Mm Mm Good!

I wish I could take responsibility for this culinary masterpiece (okay, I maybe exaggerating a little): thin gluten-free crust, pesto, mozzarella, feta, black olives and red onions. It has replaced pepperoni with ranch sauce. Hey, stop making that face – it’s delicious I tell you!

Also, bought tickets to see Psycho at the Seattle Symphony this Halloween – the film will be projected and the score performed live – how awesome is that?

In other news, as some of you may know, I just transferred everything over here (to WP) this afternoon and I’ll tell you, it was giving me fits. I’m much happier, but the formatting was giving me grief! All of my time/date codes were off by 7 or so hours, enough to push almost every single post into the next (incorrect) day. On top of that, I never used tags on Blogger because they were internal and boring and inconsistent; here, they’re globally linked/accessible and way more useful. I feel like half of them are totally lame, but it’s my first foray — I’ve always wanted my very own tag cloud =)

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Two paths diverged in a yellow wood…

And sorry I could not travel both.

Slept in; basically spent all day sitting on the couch watching season two of Dexter while helping my mom labeling and stamping 700 postcards (that’s a LOT of postcards…) Looks like she’s gearing up for another vertigo attack, too :/

Otherwise, watched 10 Thing I Hate About You despite my general dislike of Julia Stiles, it was really cute. Tried to rewatch Pride and Prejudice but I didn’t get very far – still can’t force myself to get through it.

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Here comes the sun

Today was kind of long; worked a princess shift (10-2), then came home and cleaned up before my fabulous skype date :) I’m just happy these days – it’s wonderful, such a lightness of being… Anyway, took a nap, made dinner and worked on my resume / cover letter before skipping out to see District 9… it was pretty good, really… wet. Lots of icky liquid and peeling skin and other gross alien things, but it was kind of sweet, in its own way…

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