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Woke up kind of late this morning, hung around the house, made lunch; boyfriend picked me up and we dashed up to Lincoln Square to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie at 3:40– it sold out while we were waiting in line to buy tickets. UGH. Back home, we decided to forego the 7:00 and try the 7:40 instead. Made dinner, played Halo, drove back up to Lincoln — earlier, this time. 7:15, we’re on our way, I’m trying to buy tickets online via iPhone and guess what? Their ticket page is down. I called and the girl told me that all of the Avatar people were trying to buy tickets and it crashed their server, fantastic. Oh, and the show we wanted to see? It sold out ten minutes ago. So what happens? It’s 7:35 and we book it down to Southcenter, planning to skip the 8:00 and see the 8:30. Well, when I said ‘book it’ I meant it – we were there and parked by 7:52. It was quite impressive. After all that, the movie was great – I don’t know that I would ever buy it, but I love Jude Law as Watson and, on the whole, it was quite entertaining. But really, for all the trouble it caused, it really ought to have been!

Oh, and dinner? Gluten free chili and cornbread =)

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My love is like a red, red rose…

Foooood comaaaaa.

On an intelligible note, watched Angels & Demons tonight; it was amusing, entertaining, not really worth $6 but it reminded me how much I want to see Rome.

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Freaky Friday the 13th

I still can’t drive, so I was chauffeured up to campus for my graduate seminar at noon, too bad it was immediately cancelled so that students who so wished could attend a brown bag discussion on community involvement in environmental planning. Joy. Three hours to kill before class, no car to grab lunch/a nap, and no homework to speak of, naturally. In any case, I ended up going to the Reading Room and sleeping for two hours at one of the tables; hey, it’s a quiet room for a reason, right?

Came home, slept for a little bit, then watched Funny Girl (Barbara Streisand and Omar Sharif) with my mom and iced my back….

In other news, my iPhone arrived via FedEx today! He’s gorgeous and efficient and shiny and smooth and PERFECT! New addiction? I think so.

Oh and that photo? From working in the yard – well, I limped around and scraped leaves together. Hidden in the mossy-spongey part of our ‘lawn’ were these little gems – adorable, right?

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Sooo it’s almost Halloween! Is that not reason enough to be super excited? Really? Well how about the fact that Levi and I got to go see Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho with the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall! It was so unbelievably excellent! It was raining like WHOA when it was over, necessitating a midnight stop at Dick’s for fries and a shake… nothing quite like showing up at Dick’s on 45th, at midnight, in the pouring rain, dressed for the symphony!

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Class, faculty meeting (I was told not to bother applying to graduate school until I knew exactly what kind of career I want to pursue — as if any graduating senior knows what they’re doing – UGH!), more class, and then a FREE SCREENING of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE a whole TWO DAYS before it will release – WHOOO! Unfortunately, I was kind of disappointed, but it was kinda cute…

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And the secret ingredient is…!


Today was kind of crazy; covered a shift for a coworker from 9:30A-1:30P, ran home, took a bunch of pictures, brought Levi home and cooked a ridiculous dinner of Asian-style Lemon Chicken with Broccoli and Fried Rice– it was pretty epic, but we learned a few lessons too, like don’t cook with a wok in cowboy boots =( Seriously, don’t do it. After dinner, we tried watching Dial M for Murder but I, naturally, fell asleep (following another sleep-deprived night) through most of it which is unfortunate for several reasons, not the least of which is that it’s my favorite Hitchcock film and I was a positively awful hostess. It’s college, right?

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It’s pumpkin season! These are Whole Foods amazingly organic pumpkins which are not only eco-friendly and organic but SUPER cheap (unlike practically everything else in the store…) Anyway, got a whole bunch of fabulous snacks (including Lesser Evil’s Black & White kettle corn – it’s delicious, go try it!) before dashing home only to dash out again and go see Vertigo at the SIFF with Levi and it was AWESOME. We ended up stuck in the parking garage for 20 minutes because none of the gates would accept any of the parking tickets, so 50 of us were wagon-training through the garage to find the open gates. Ughhh.

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