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More errands today; took an hour and went to the Seattle Art Museum to find an American genre painting for my paper due on Monday (Alfred Henry Maurer’s At the Shore, 1901), still have to study for my test (also Monday). But fortunately, the fabulous Lauren is home(!) and we were able to meet for coffee, catch up, grab dinner (found out Han’s Garden on the Island can use Tamari instead of soy sauce for certain dishes and clean the pans, making them deliciously gluten free!) before coming home to crash… It’s been a long, long week…


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Fall Away

Tried to go for a walk around Pioneer Park today… didn’t go especially well, only made it 1/4 mile or so before my hips started hurting and my back became stiff. Ah well, it was a glorious, crisp autumn day and, despite my pathetic hobble, managed to get a few good shots in… how long until Thanksgiving?

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baby, it’s cold outside

Slept in super late – it was glorious! – then ran around taking care of some housekeeping stuff, mailed out a CD to a certain someone, went to class, came home, worked on some reading and then went to bed. Exciting day, right?

Oh, and the picture: they’re welding the traffic turtles onto the newly paved 77th AVE SE. WHOOO BLOW TORCHES!

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The second day of the quarter has come to a close; my first class today was at, oh, 4:30 pm – resent me all you want, it was GLORIOUS. I love my landscape architecture class and, as it turns out, instead of completing my independent study well, independently, I will be participating in the graduate seminar (!!!) how awesome is that?

Afterwards, we headed over to a free sneak preview screening of Zombieland and, as gross and graphic and fluid-intense as it was, it was absolutely hilarious, over the top and excellent. To be fair, I don’t know if I’d want to drop $10 for a ticket, but it was still a good time. If you like zombie movies, it’s a must-see.

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Tinted by the moon fantastic

This is such bullshit. Summer is over; it rained all day. I can’t wait for school to start.

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So today and tomorrow make up the 19th annual Mercer Island Summer Celebration. It’s kind of a big deal here, the fireworks show especially, so after work we all met up and staked out our primo plot on the hill looking right down on the barge – it was totally amazing :)

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