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Seen above, multi-colored pearl onions being fried with bacon in the cast iron skillet, on their way to becoming beef stew (which was delicious and perfectly combined with Monday’s sweet potato/swiss chard gratin leftovers). A complete (albeit rough) draft of my landscape paper comparing Villa Giulia and Villa d’Este is due tomorrow. Twenty (20) pages, not including images, notes, citations, etc., the longest paper I have ever written, is due tomorrow – and have I started it? No, of course not. I have roughly eight pages of quotes to support my argument, but no text. This is going to be a long, long night…


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Friday is FREEDAY

Today was alternately awful/awesome. I had to take four buses and an hour and a half to get to school today; there were three thunderstorms, two hail incidents, blinding sunlight + blue skies, and epic amounts of rain and wind; my umbrella broke at 5 PM, in the dark, and the cold, and the rain, and the wind — right when I needed to walk 15 blocks to take Emily out for her 22nd birthday. On the upside, it was Emily’s birthday, and we had Indian (my favorite), I got a 4.0 on my American Art paper, submitted my Rome application (!!!!), and received extra credit for attending a lecture by Elizabeth Meyers of UVA on Beauty and Sustainability; it was all right… I thought she made some interesting points, but in general, rambled a lot and didn’t have a clear directive… In any case, kind of a 50/50 sort of day.

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