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Pictured, is the front gate of my one of my favorite houses in the city. It’s adjacent to Volunteer Park, shrouded by cypresses and it’s just so romantically Italian and out of place and perfect. Anyway, I console myself with the thought that the roof probably leaks.

So today was pretty crazy: I’m still sick (but my sore throat is almost gone!), another hectic day at work, came home and worked on the outline/thesis for my Landscape History term paper (I’m planning to compare Villa d’Este and Villa Giulia, both built in 1550 near Rome and exemplify the transition between the Renaissance aesthetic and the emergence of the ‘Baroque’ style… hey, I have 20 pages, leave me alone).

The highlight of the weekend was easily a surprise trip to Seattle’s oldest cemetery (Lakeview Cemetery, adjacent to Volunteer Park) with Levi. It was kind of cold, but surprisingly dry, unfortunately we were only there for 15 minutes before it closed. LAME. Still managed to grab some really great shots and I can’t wait to go back. We came home, hung around until dinner then came back and watched part of Halloween VIII (yeah, I know) and Family Guy (the Stephen King episode– you know the one). Stopped by Molly Moon’s on the way back to UW for some Theo Chocolate and Pumpkin Clove ice cream (oh, so good – but bring back cardamom!), hurtling into a sugar coma before sleep.


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