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Ooh, biscuits! Again?

biscuits, cast iron, gluten free, buttermilk, cheese

I know, I’m kind of sick of looking at them too, but we had friends over for dinner and these biscuits are just SUCH a crowd pleaser, I couldn’t deny my guests this opportunity – right? Right, I thought so.

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Mmm biscuits!

biscuits, cheese, buttermilk, cast iron, Curtis Stone recipe

I. Love. These. Biscuits.

Admittedly, they take an unbelievable amount of cheese and require the use of a nifty pastry cutter, but da-amn, they are amazing. Crispy-crunchy on the outside, soft and gooey (with cheese, not dough!) on the inside- wow. Cooked in the cast iron, they are just amazing. They use sharp cheddar, goats cheese, parmesan/asiago, and mozzarella, all rolled into a buttermilk biscuit dough. Now if that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will! The recipe can be found here, I substituted Jules GF flour once again, and really, that pastry cutter is kind of essential.

On a side note, it’s February. Midterms are coming up, papers are due, etc. all icky winter things. On the bright side, the quarter is halfway over – whoo!

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That’s amore

gluten free, pizza, Jules Flour, homemade pizza

We’ve done it. We finally have a legit pizza crust at home – and it’s amazing. Made with Jules GF flour and her own recipe, I won’t say this is the easiest thing and it takes some faith (you pour the batter into the pizza pan and spread with a spoon…) but it comes out crispy, fluffy, not too bread-y and just great – the ideal thin-crust pizza.

Now, you have to understand: I don’t like pizza crusts. They’re thick and cumbersome, often more like bread than anything else and really, I want those toppings and the crust is just a delivery system – so why weight myself down with acres of crust? This crust is crispy on the edges, bubbly if not downright fluffy, tasty and fantastic. Heartily recommended!

Here, pizza is topped two ways: front half is pesto, roasted garlic, mozzarella, black olives and red onions (personal favorite) and the back half is marinara sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, roasted garlic, mushrooms and a few red onions here and there. Big hit with the boys, too bad there weren’t any leftovers!

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gluten free, naan, Indian food, bread, flat bread

Today was just another boring day leading up to the middle of the quarter. Sigh. Made Hungarian mushroom soup tonight and this naan which was pretty amazing. Weird combination, I know, but we had leftover tzatziki and it was a fabulous combination. We made the naan with Jules GF flour and grilled it in the cast iron griddle over the gas range which was nice, and it didn’t puff up as much as it could have, but it was still pretty delicious and the closest thing I’ve had to warm flatbread in so long – mm!

Turned in my Italian Visa application today, and it’s on its way to San Francisco for approval – muahahaha! VIVA ITALIA!

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Southern tribute

Our GF version of Curtis Stone’s Cheesy Biscuits made with Jules GF flour to fantastic success. With goat’s cheese, cheddar, and parmesan/asiago, these are seriously cheesy buttermilk biscuits and they are excellent. Cooked in the cast iron skillet, they are crispy on the outside/bottom/sides, but warm and fluffy on the inside – what more can you ask of a biscuit?

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Obviously the best way to do this is with gluten free pizza (using Jules’ flour), topped with goat cheese, pepperoni and carmelized onions. It’s ok to be jealous.

That being said, we stopped by Dick’s on the way home tonight, gorging on long-awaited french fries and copious amounts of tartar sauce — hey, at least we shared the chocolate shake…

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sticky sticky

Today was our last Rome lecture; kind of a bittersweet moment, I’m so excited to finally be finished, but at the same time, I really love this class. After a brief (okay, two hour) nap, got up and made Jules’ gluten free sticky buns. They were really pretty easy and came out amazingly well – the only downside was the filling dripping over the edge of the pan, congealing on the bottom of the beautiful blue porcelain oven, and burning to a crisp, filling the oven (and kitchen… and living room…and hall way…) with smoke. Ugh. We jacked up the hood fan, opened all of the doors and windows, allowing the pathetic amount of heat in our house to swarm out into the 22 F weather… Anyway, the whole incident was really our fault, we didn’t have an 8- or 9-inch round pan, so we used a deep dish pie plate and, well, it didn’t turn out so well.

Tomorrow is our landscape final… not excited…

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