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old standby

11 January 2010

Ugh. Took the GRE this morning – it was awful. Had to drive all the way up to Mountlake Terrace at 6:30 AM, expecting traffic – naturally, got there just after 7 AM – an hour before the exam actually started. The exam itself was fine — finished in just over 2 1/2 hours, got my verbal/quantitative scores on the spot, now just waiting a few weeks for my essay scores…

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So today I would have taken the GREs… except I was in physical therapy (still three times a week) because I can’t sit for more than 45 minutes at a time. I’m kind (extremely) relieved, but I also know that I can’t put them off forever, unfortunately.

As you might have guessed, autumn is in full swing around here — and the sugar maple just off the back patio is practically naked at this point, and the patio – nearly invisible. I love it.

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I started the day off right: woke up at 7:45, threw on shoes and took my car to the dealership for new breaks/alignment/windshield repair. Lovely. Came home, devoured the final dregs of last night’s epic Potato Leek Soup (it’s unabashedly fabulous; see Recipes page!) – with roasted beet, feta and butter lettuce salad — now that’s what I call a balanced breakfast!

Went back to sleep for a while; woke up closer to noon and worked on the research I’ve been putting off all week, starting with St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco and working through other thin-shell concrete churches from the mid-century period. Ahhh yes; a surprising number in the Scottsdale area, actually.

It was a lovely day and I happily shuffled around the house; heard back from ETS regarding testing accommodations for the GRE and, while I was approved, my request could not be processed because I refused to fax my full credit card number (after being assured that this was perfectly acceptable and I would be further contacted when the time came. Bullshit.) Re-faxed it, but it will still take a week to process. FANTASTIC. Grrrr. ETS is one of the most dreadful organizations I have ever had the misfortune of attempting to navigate/collaborate/deal with.

Writing my monthly column shortly; gotta love that 11:59 pm deadline. Oops. Must rewrite resume / cover letter tonight – but I don’t really know when…

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cut tear scrape erase

Basically, this is my life: that stupid exhibit catalog, trying to work on research for my capstone project, studying for the GRE and otherwise going nuts. I’m so stressed out it’s not even funny.

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Kill me now

Long story short, due to human error and technological retardation, I missed the first two ‘Live Online!’ sessions of my online GRE prep class. Don’t even start on that one. Anyway, tried to play the archived exams, but the program kept having a spaz attack and shutting down mid-download. Great. So, I spent a half an hour on the phone with tech support, only to be told to download the Mac OS X update and try it again.

Well guess what? the OS X update for Java REMOVED the Web Start portion (the one I need for this bloody program) Great. After a half-hour of forum trolling and bad Google searches, I found it (yeah!) but it still won’t run the archived classes (boo!) It’s 6:40, so I try the other program again – for my live class later tonight – and it works! I’m also 40 minutes late for class! The entire Princeton Review website is in PST EXCEPT the online class schedule. I know, right?

Anyway, enough whining. I put two hours into this silly test tonight and it had better pay off!

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