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Aren’t we cute?

Yes, yes we are. It took 50 photos to find two (2!) where we both looked great… Such a great day, I dragged him to both of my art history classes, then we came home and had dinner, watched Chocolat and savored our last few hours together… sort of. So, his flight left at 10:25PM – realistically, what time do you think we made it to the airport? What was that? 9:40PM? Correct! I was having a panic attack; we made it back to his house to pack him up at around 8:30PM and somehow, it took over an hour to pack up a backpack and a box — I have no idea. There was lots of running around and panic and ‘WHERE IS IT?!’s but all in all, it worked out all right, and he somehow made it onto his plane on time… how, I’ll never know.

52 days 23 hours 45 minutes until Christmas Break…


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