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Serratus Anterior

These gorgeous flowers (red roses + white lilies) are from my wonderful, amazing, sweet boyfriend – who I am more and more convinced is practically the embodiment of Romance.

In less interesting news, my physical therapist found the muscle serratus anterior (seen below, but the opposite side) which has been causing a number of problems lately, not the least of which is paralyzing pain beneath my shoulder blade at the most random times (as in, while I’m knitting) and my ribs being tender-to-touch, which is surprisingly painful, I must say. So, to try and fix it, he layered super-strong athletic tape across and down my shoulders to try and brace them against each other instead of straining the muscle. Cool, right? Not so much.

This afternoon was also my last landscape architecture lecture, which was pretty swank. We watched a video on the founding and development of Yosemite national park, which was really interesting and gorgeous – I’ve decided that I simply have to go, and there’s nothing to be done about it. Best of all, none of the information from this exam will be required on the final – sweet, right? I think so.

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My love is like a red, red rose…

Foooood comaaaaa.

On an intelligible note, watched Angels & Demons tonight; it was amusing, entertaining, not really worth $6 but it reminded me how much I want to see Rome.

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I made it! It’s Thanksgiving break! Woooo! My afternoon class was cancelled; I still had to show up for Rome at 12:30, which was fun but kind of frustrating… Grabbed lunch with Chester afterwards and checked at least one person off my Christmas shopping list…

In other news, it looks like a funeral parlor around here: there are flowers everywhere, having arrived throughout the day, to celebrate Mom’s birthday tomorrow. I’ll be honest, I’m a little jealous — but I’m also glad I get to be here this year to celebrate.

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Today was… crazy (in case you couldn’t tell by the really late post). Got up, moved the hydrangeas from the front patio into the ground, ran up to the Wells-Medina nursery (they’s SO fantastic there!) and bought container plants (to replace the aforementioned hydrangeas). Hopped in the shower and drove up to school for one of the major Dawg Daze events – the first annual Rock Band competition (Beatles edition) and Late Night Breakfast + Rocky Horror Picture Show — it was totally epic. I froze my butt off (despite a blanket, sweater and Northface fleeze… ugh) but it was so worth it! 50 or so people came in costume, everyone was shouting and dancing — it was perfect =)

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Be careful what you wish for…

You just might get it.

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… you’re in the middle of the ride. Everything, everything will be just fine.”

The bouquet of two dozen gorgeous roses that were delivered yesterday… this one sure knows how to make me smile.

So, despite having had all of my final exams/assignments completed by Wednesday, two of my professors insisted on having class today. One, to watch “The Gospel at Colonus” with Morgan Freeman for two hours; the other for a 45 minute lecture on Piet Mondrian and Neoplasticity. Between the two, quality nap time.

Officially on summer break with 39 days before classes begin. Perfection.

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feeling crafty

finished that god awful paper at 3 this morning, slept, still not feeling 100% after Monday night… but nothing QUITE like fake ramen at 2 am to make you feel better (or make you puke, it was a toss up) anyway, totally exhausted (9 hours of sleep in the past two days) but I decided to get all crafty and make a string of crepe paper flowers, pendant and card for my bff’s birthday tomorrow! So excited :)

also, my hips still hurt from sleeping on that way uncomfortable floor. seriously, what is going on? ow.

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oh dahling

Well our Seattle Summer has returned – 60 degrees, slightly humid and overcast until about 3 this afternoon. Lovely. Anyway, after class headed over to Volunteer Park for Lena’s water fight birthday party. The weather pretty much sucked, but we still had a good time and I took the opportunity to snap some shots of the dahlia garden and the Conservatory… check out my flickr for the best of the best :)

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GORGEOUS day, worked from 8:30-1pm which was faaaaantaaaastic. Got off work, threw on my bikini and booked it to the beach. Ahh, island living…

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Today simply couldn’t be captured in a single image; so here are four. We drove up to Snoqualmie, into the city, up to Wallingford, and back to the Island in hopes of giving an out-of-town friend a taste of the area. Let me just say that I’m exhausted.

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