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I’m just exhausted. Pictured is more of our amazing ‘harvest’ from the Issaquah farmer’s market. So much drama and silliness today, both at work and at home — it’s cute though, in a way, but I’m really too tired to deal with it right now. I will say that I have the most wonderful, amazing, fabulous friends in the world and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

… except maybe a pony…


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Dusk and Summer

Slept in this morning before escaping to the Issaquah Farmer’s Market / Costco. Costco on a Saturday, if you have not yet experienced it, is sheer madness. It’s window shopping sans windows – essentially a bunch of aimless shoppers with nothing better to do, nowhere to go and a penchant for getting in your way. Ugh. But the farmer’s market… ohh, the farmer’s market… it’s a wonderful place. Individually letterpressed cards, fresh produce, amazing soups (we found a Hungarian Mushroom Soup that rivals Old Wives’ Tales’ in Portland) and baked goods, kitschy nicknacks, soap, honey, clothing, eggs, meat, cheese – you name it, you might just find it. Alas, based on its amazingness, I simply couldn’t restrain myself to one photo today – so do enjoy: locally grown Gala apples and beet greens. Mmmmm!

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