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Catch my disease

Ok not MY disease, but it seems like everyone is sick – ugh! – including some pretty important people in my life. I have escaped (so far) but who knows where this week will lead! Oh, and the picture is of our puppy (well, he’ll be 19 soon – eek!) standing in the entryway while I was out photographing the new containers.

I’m super super tired (no wonder why. Ugh.) I have an unbelievable amount of reading to get through this quarter; it’s actually pretty ridiculous, but fortunately I’m really enjoying all of my classes so maybe the reading won’t be SO much of a chore… hopefully…

Dinner tonight was spectacular: pot roast with potatoes and carrots, a Waldorf Salad and then, the coup de gras: apple upside-down cake! The cake recipe will be up later this week; I’m bloody exhausted and just don’t have the energy to write it up right now – it IS fairly easy and bakes in my beloved cast-iron skillet – not to mention, it looks and tastes fantastic!

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Mama mia!


Maggiano’s is so unbelievably amazing. First off, they serve everything family style and more importantly, they have fabulous gluten free pasta (and even better, a chef/staff that really GET IT!) Gotta love that Rigatoni “D” :) Mmm… food coma… can’t wait for lunch tomorrow!

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