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on the road…

It’s been a rough week, so naturally I have a ginormous assignment due tomorrow. UGH. Time to work on that term paper…

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Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Today started off by sleeping in, woke up and ran around taking pictures, made lunch, edited the photos, finally left for school in the pouring rain, parked on the street because I was meeting a friend for a late lunch, scuttled off to class and developed a MASSIVE craving for Indian food (we talked about the Islamic paradise garden for an hour and a half), dropped Alanagh off at the E1 commuter parking lot because it was raining so hard and made my way home.

But wait! There’s more! In the process of getting onto I-5 South at NE 45th, the car behind me slammed into me, so I slammed into the car in front of me, and that car hit another car. It was ridiculous. Naturally, the most severe damage was to MY car, but everyone was fine, we filed a report and State Patrol came out and took care of it. But it was dark and wet and stuck next to the freeway for an hour. UGH. Not how I wanted to spend my night! On top of everything else, my Rome application is due tomorrow at 5 PM and I need to write some four ridiculous essays. UGH.

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homeward bound

One final down, a take home and two exams due Wednesday. I hate my life sometimes…

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it’s the freakin weekend…

…baby gonna have me some fun.

It’s FRIDAY. My LAST Friday of summer school!! YES.

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yes, this was taken from traffic on I-5 S just after the Lakeview entrance, sitting at the meter and waiting for gridlock to free up. Oh how lovely.

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