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Knit purl knit knit

Now that I’ve gotten back into knitting, I’ve finally finished scarf #2 – will post pattern soon! It’s cream wool with coffee-colored fibers for interest; warm and snuggly — not itchy (which, for someone with major skin sensitivities is a serious accomplishment). There’s something really awesome about making something you can wear and be proud of =) Seed stitch border, single-stitch cable inset, central interlocking and continuous cables — easier than you might think.

School starts on Monday. Ugh.

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feeling crafty

finished that god awful paper at 3 this morning, slept, still not feeling 100% after Monday night… but nothing QUITE like fake ramen at 2 am to make you feel better (or make you puke, it was a toss up) anyway, totally exhausted (9 hours of sleep in the past two days) but I decided to get all crafty and make a string of crepe paper flowers, pendant and card for my bff’s birthday tomorrow! So excited :)

also, my hips still hurt from sleeping on that way uncomfortable floor. seriously, what is going on? ow.

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