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Sooo it’s almost Halloween! Is that not reason enough to be super excited? Really? Well how about the fact that Levi and I got to go see Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho with the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall! It was so unbelievably excellent! It was raining like WHOA when it was over, necessitating a midnight stop at Dick’s for fries and a shake… nothing quite like showing up at Dick’s on 45th, at midnight, in the pouring rain, dressed for the symphony!

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Okay, not really. Another amazingly long day – I’m fantastically impressed with myself that I was able to stay awake through all of it! Another post-midnight picture, but come on – it’s DICK’S.

Didn’t get to bed until after 4 AM (Amazing Grace was excellent) and had to be up at 9 to get ready to go to a traditional latin Mass in Ballard… I was supposed to work from 8-2:30 but in the interest of ‘advancing my religious education’ I was able to switch with someone closing. Anyway, home by 2 – work from 3:15 – 9:15 — it went amazingly fast because I have THE best coworkers ever. Ever. Usually it takes until 9:45 or 10 but we were done in a flash.

Picked up from work, went to see the movie Adam at the Egyptian (one of my favorite Landmark Theaters) and it was amazing. I’ll be perfectly honest, I was totally skeptical — it looked like a depressing mess — but it was cute and sad and funny and sweet. Highly recommended.

Hung out for an hour after the movie ended at 12:30, being sketchy on the corner of Broadway and Pine. Yuck. Creepy hustling junkies -way uncool, but the White Knight was as yet unfazed. Went to Dick’s, loaded up on salty, greasy, awful, amazing fries and their omgtakemenow chocolate shakes. Mmmmm. Home before 2, and this is where I fall asleep…

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