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Ooh, biscuits! Again?

biscuits, cast iron, gluten free, buttermilk, cheese

I know, I’m kind of sick of looking at them too, but we had friends over for dinner and these biscuits are just SUCH a crowd pleaser, I couldn’t deny my guests this opportunity – right? Right, I thought so.

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Wait, where’d it go?

cast iron, butter, browned, gluten free

I know, I wish had a more interesting picture for today, but alas, this meal was devoured before it even occurred to me to take pictures! Here, butter is browning in the cast iron skillet, almost ready for a dash of balsamic vinegar to make it blackened butter. This amazing concoction would top crispy sauteed capers and pan fried filets of Dover sole – sound amazing? It was (sorry).

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Mmm biscuits!

biscuits, cheese, buttermilk, cast iron, Curtis Stone recipe

I. Love. These. Biscuits.

Admittedly, they take an unbelievable amount of cheese and require the use of a nifty pastry cutter, but da-amn, they are amazing. Crispy-crunchy on the outside, soft and gooey (with cheese, not dough!) on the inside- wow. Cooked in the cast iron, they are just amazing. They use sharp cheddar, goats cheese, parmesan/asiago, and mozzarella, all rolled into a buttermilk biscuit dough. Now if that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will! The recipe can be found here, I substituted Jules GF flour once again, and really, that pastry cutter is kind of essential.

On a side note, it’s February. Midterms are coming up, papers are due, etc. all icky winter things. On the bright side, the quarter is halfway over – whoo!

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Bureaucracy at its best.

Went to class, weekly lunch date with Chester, then took the bus downtown to pick up my expedited passport. $160 for a new passport, churned out in 3 days, all because the art advisor who is coordinating our Rome program couldn’t tell us upon our acceptance in early December that we would need to turn in a physical passport by 21 January, which does not expire until November 2010. Naturally, my passport expired before that, but we didn’t find out until January 7th that we have to renew via expedited process. Ridiculous, but at least it’s done.

Above, brussels sprouts tossed with olive oil, kosher salt and pepper, waiting in the cast iron to be roasted and covered in parmesan.

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Southern tribute

Our GF version of Curtis Stone’s Cheesy Biscuits made with Jules GF flour to fantastic success. With goat’s cheese, cheddar, and parmesan/asiago, these are seriously cheesy buttermilk biscuits and they are excellent. Cooked in the cast iron skillet, they are crispy on the outside/bottom/sides, but warm and fluffy on the inside – what more can you ask of a biscuit?

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Woke up kind of late this morning, hung around the house, made lunch; boyfriend picked me up and we dashed up to Lincoln Square to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie at 3:40– it sold out while we were waiting in line to buy tickets. UGH. Back home, we decided to forego the 7:00 and try the 7:40 instead. Made dinner, played Halo, drove back up to Lincoln — earlier, this time. 7:15, we’re on our way, I’m trying to buy tickets online via iPhone and guess what? Their ticket page is down. I called and the girl told me that all of the Avatar people were trying to buy tickets and it crashed their server, fantastic. Oh, and the show we wanted to see? It sold out ten minutes ago. So what happens? It’s 7:35 and we book it down to Southcenter, planning to skip the 8:00 and see the 8:30. Well, when I said ‘book it’ I meant it – we were there and parked by 7:52. It was quite impressive. After all that, the movie was great – I don’t know that I would ever buy it, but I love Jude Law as Watson and, on the whole, it was quite entertaining. But really, for all the trouble it caused, it really ought to have been!

Oh, and dinner? Gluten free chili and cornbread =)

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Merry Christmas!

25 December 09

Merry Christmas! We were going to go see Sherlock Holmes and get Chinese food (as per Jewish-Christmas tradition…), but P.F. Chang’s was closed and we couldn’t motivate ourselves to leaves the house. Sad, but true. We bummed around the house, he taught me how to play Euchre, made progress in Halo, etc. I love holidays.

Seen above, roasted brussels sprouts with an apricot glaze, which accompanied butterflied chicken breasts with asiago cheese and prosciutto- so delicious! I have to admit, having the BF home has certainly improved the menu!

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Boyfriend showed me how to make Dutch babies (seen above and plated below), modified using Jules gluten free flour. They are unbelievably delicious. There is more butter in this recipe than you would ever want to know, but they’re amazing (with that much butter, how could they not, right?) They’re fluffy, kind of custardy at the bottom – but with a crispy ‘crust’ and edges from the cast iron – just amazing. Topped off with a squeeze of lemon and powdered sugar, they’re wonderful – artery clogging but, wonderful!

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Seen above, multi-colored pearl onions being fried with bacon in the cast iron skillet, on their way to becoming beef stew (which was delicious and perfectly combined with Monday’s sweet potato/swiss chard gratin leftovers). A complete (albeit rough) draft of my landscape paper comparing Villa Giulia and Villa d’Este is due tomorrow. Twenty (20) pages, not including images, notes, citations, etc., the longest paper I have ever written, is due tomorrow – and have I started it? No, of course not. I have roughly eight pages of quotes to support my argument, but no text. This is going to be a long, long night…

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Sprout me!

Ran around doing errands today, still not doing so well walking around… Went to Trader Joe’s and found Brussels sprouts on the stalk! How cool is that? They’re sweet and fresh and delicious and I could barely wait to come home and cook ’em up vis-a-vis White on Rice Couple’s recipe for Brussels sprouts baked with parmesan cheese! And you know what? They were amazing the recipe (while not low in calories…) was unbelievably delicious creamy cheesy Brussels sprout-y goodness – yum!

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