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Today was another perfect Seattle autumn day: 60 degrees, overcast but dry, and just enough of a breeze to rustle up the leaves. Woke up early, re-read the article for my Baroque art class on Caravaggio and the Carracci and the potentiality of their mutual influence; went to class, grabbed lunch at Thai 65, went to my American art class, and came home… There’s something to be said for routine…

In other news, the Bricolage deadline is fast approaching (December 4th!) and I need to get my submissions together – and I need your help!! I can only submit TWO (2) pieces, eeeek! So what can you do?! You can go to my Flickr Set and VOTE! Either by commenting on the pictures themselves or right HERE! I would LOVE to hear from you and I’m keeping a running tally. THANK YOU.


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