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Happy birthday,

Today was the boyfriend’s 20th birthday! =) We ran about picking up his nieces and nephew from Federal Way, brought them home, took the two oldest girls to play at their cousins’ while we got dressed for dinner at Maggiano’s and Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony at Benaroya Hall. It was just lovely.

We dropped the girls off afterwards and headed home for cake. Naturally, BF’s favorite cake has to be the most complicated known to man: German Chocolate Cake. That being said, it was beyond wonderful – and, as someone who doesn’t like coconut (there are two cups in the recipe- jeeze!) that is impressive praise. Four layers of moist chocolate cake, with a custard-coconut-pecan filling, rum syrup glaze, the richest chocolate frosting you’ve ever had, topped with more of the coconut and pecan mixture. Amazing. Yes, it’s labor intensive, but it is definitely worth it! And Jules GF flour really proved its worth – this is layer cake perfection.

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Woke up kind of late this morning, hung around the house, made lunch; boyfriend picked me up and we dashed up to Lincoln Square to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie at 3:40– it sold out while we were waiting in line to buy tickets. UGH. Back home, we decided to forego the 7:00 and try the 7:40 instead. Made dinner, played Halo, drove back up to Lincoln — earlier, this time. 7:15, we’re on our way, I’m trying to buy tickets online via iPhone and guess what? Their ticket page is down. I called and the girl told me that all of the Avatar people were trying to buy tickets and it crashed their server, fantastic. Oh, and the show we wanted to see? It sold out ten minutes ago. So what happens? It’s 7:35 and we book it down to Southcenter, planning to skip the 8:00 and see the 8:30. Well, when I said ‘book it’ I meant it – we were there and parked by 7:52. It was quite impressive. After all that, the movie was great – I don’t know that I would ever buy it, but I love Jude Law as Watson and, on the whole, it was quite entertaining. But really, for all the trouble it caused, it really ought to have been!

Oh, and dinner? Gluten free chili and cornbread =)

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Tinseltown, revisited

Merry Christmas Eve! Spent tonight at the boyfriend’s parents’ house for a wonderful dinner + evening with family and friends, etc. – 21 in all (and this is considered a small gathering – oy!) Their Christmas tree is huge and gorgeous, but unfortunately, I just had my little Olympus P+S =/ ah well, there’s always next year…

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Boyfriend showed me how to make Dutch babies (seen above and plated below), modified using Jules gluten free flour. They are unbelievably delicious. There is more butter in this recipe than you would ever want to know, but they’re amazing (with that much butter, how could they not, right?) They’re fluffy, kind of custardy at the bottom – but with a crispy ‘crust’ and edges from the cast iron – just amazing. Topped off with a squeeze of lemon and powdered sugar, they’re wonderful – artery clogging but, wonderful!

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More time with the boyfriend. I know, I know. We set up the XBOX today and he’s trying to show me how to play Halo 3… I’m awful. Just plain awful. Anyway, no need to dwell on that… It’s so wonderful having him home!

Seen above, a new snack alternative: toasted kale chips. I know, it sounds weird, but as someone who does not particularly care for kale, I have to admit, it’s pretty great. The recipe is super easy (I’ll post it eventually), you basically wash and dry a head of kale, toss it with olive oil and kosher salt, then bake for ten minutes until crisp. It tastes nothing like any kale you’ve had before, and are a great alternative to potato chips – try ’em out!

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Ocho kandelikas

Well. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited, happy, pleased, etc. I am to have the boyfriend home. I mean, really, it’s almost sad. Picked him up from the airport last night, dropped his stuff off at his parents’, came home and had dinner (chicken with blueberries and an apricot-dijon glaze) , enjoyed being in the same room at the same time, you know, the usual.

We drove down to Lakewood this afternoon and picked up two of his oldest brother’s kids and brought them to his parents’ and again, came home for dinner — it’s the last night of Chanukah, so we made more of those amazing butternut squash and sage latkes with Chicken Marabella (one of my favorite meals) and brussels sprouts with apples and bacon.

I’m off to spend more time with him — I feel like a social sponge, as if we’re making up for the last two months by spending every possible moment together. Silly, right?

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Ahhh, the first day of winter break…! Boyfriend comes home tonight! In two hours and 18 minutes!! In the meantime, I finished his scarf/Christmas present today! Isn’t it pretty? The yarn doesn’t photograph very well (it’s a dark, mossy green and kinda fuzzy) but you get the idea. I’m so excited it’s not even funny! I’m going to head out to the airport in an hour or so and I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with myself until then! AH!

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Of all things Hungarian…

Slept in until 11 (I know, I know- but I’m just so tired, all the time), made ricotta-filled blintzes for breakfast/lunch, went and had my labs done at the polyclinic and headed to my last class of the quarter. Autumn quarter went by so quickly, I can’t even tell you – it was August, I was sitting at the park with my book every evening, missing my boyfriend and then BAM! it was midterms and he was home, then BAM! it’s finals! It’s scary.

Came home, made Hungarian Mushroom Soup for dinner, slept for two hours, woke up, watched some TV, cleaned up and caught up here, uploaded photos, etc. It’s been a long week.

Meanwhile, one week from right now my boyfriend will be home, we’ll probably be set up on the couch with a late dinner and a movie and I just can’t wait! Unfortunately, there’s an unbelievable amount of work (for both us) to be done in the meantime, and I just hope we can get through it all in one piece…

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Serratus Anterior

These gorgeous flowers (red roses + white lilies) are from my wonderful, amazing, sweet boyfriend – who I am more and more convinced is practically the embodiment of Romance.

In less interesting news, my physical therapist found the muscle serratus anterior (seen below, but the opposite side) which has been causing a number of problems lately, not the least of which is paralyzing pain beneath my shoulder blade at the most random times (as in, while I’m knitting) and my ribs being tender-to-touch, which is surprisingly painful, I must say. So, to try and fix it, he layered super-strong athletic tape across and down my shoulders to try and brace them against each other instead of straining the muscle. Cool, right? Not so much.

This afternoon was also my last landscape architecture lecture, which was pretty swank. We watched a video on the founding and development of Yosemite national park, which was really interesting and gorgeous – I’ve decided that I simply have to go, and there’s nothing to be done about it. Best of all, none of the information from this exam will be required on the final – sweet, right? I think so.

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Midterms: 0, Me: 3

Okay, today was stressful too! Woke up later than usual, ate breakfast and went straight to the couch to study for my landscape architecture midterm – my last midterm of the quarter! I’m confident that it went really well (I know I blew the date for the most recent plan of Kyoto – citing 1800 instead of 1850, but I don’t know what kind of points I’ll lose, anyway), then I dropped by the library and picked up even more books on Bernini for my ART H 400 research project (which ever looms in the not so distant future, ugh), talked to the boyfriend for a while and waited for the election results to come in. Set up my EndNote account, typed up the bibliography for my aforementioned research paper, passively watched NCIS and The Forgotten, and now it’s off to bed!

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24 whole hours

Today was actually okay… I went to work, then school, snapped a picture outside Meany Hall on the way to pick up books at Suzzallo, came home and missed the boy. Laaaame. I wasn’t nearly as upset as I thought I would be, which is good, I think, because it means that I’m so much more comfortable and confident in our relationship. Yay? I think so.

Well, day one has come to a close. Only 52 left to go…

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Aren’t we cute?

Yes, yes we are. It took 50 photos to find two (2!) where we both looked great… Such a great day, I dragged him to both of my art history classes, then we came home and had dinner, watched Chocolat and savored our last few hours together… sort of. So, his flight left at 10:25PM – realistically, what time do you think we made it to the airport? What was that? 9:40PM? Correct! I was having a panic attack; we made it back to his house to pack him up at around 8:30PM and somehow, it took over an hour to pack up a backpack and a box — I have no idea. There was lots of running around and panic and ‘WHERE IS IT?!’s but all in all, it worked out all right, and he somehow made it onto his plane on time… how, I’ll never know.

52 days 23 hours 45 minutes until Christmas Break…

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=) Boyfriend is here. all. weekend. So excited, I can’t even tell you! We’re going up to his sister’s house this afternoon, then out to dinner with his parents, and then to Paranormal Activity (finally?). Full day ahead – I can’t wait!

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I have been so wired all day – it’s kind of ridiculous. I didn’t even need my usual 32 ounces of brew to get through the day, I’m so excited! Bounced my way through classes, got a manicure during my break, dashed home and cleaned up and here we are.


I won’t leave for the airport for an hour and it’s killing me. Naturally, there’s nothing on TV, so I caught last week’s Dexter onDemand and waited. Waiting waiting waiting. UGH.

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