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UGH. Woke up at 9:45 for my 10:15 physical therapy appointment; ran around getting my stuff together, knowing I was forgetting something but not sure what it was, but it wasn’t clothing, makeup, contacts or my laptop/iPhone so really, how important could it be?

Made it to PT, then seminar at noon, went to class, went to Starbucks to meet the insurance agent who is handling our bodily injury claim, came home and — BAM! That thing I forgot? It was the research books I had used for my paper, all from other Summit libraries (OSU, WWU, etc) due back today. But it’s ok, Suzzallo is always open late, right? Apparently not on Fridays. BE is closed, Art is closed, every single library is closed and each of these 18 books has a $50 overdue fine.

Needless to say, a long and loud string of expletives escaped my lips before I could really worry about it. Anyway, because they’re art history books, naturally they’re all several hundred pages, oversized, and heavier than they look (which is already pretty heavy), so we load them into two paper bags on one of those dorky little aluminum luggage carts for your carry-ons and set off, back to school, in search of Odegaard.

Naturally, the library is either up or down two flights of wet, slippery concrete stairs, no matter where you park, so I struggled down, was laughed at by a pair of preteen (okay, probably freshman) snobs who probably don’t even know what a research paper is. Anyway, I made my way to the information counter where I was informed that there is, in fact, a four day grace period for Summit books before they fine you $50/book. Good to know (two hours ago).

Despite all of the stress, my night ended happily — no overdue fines, paper is done, and it’s the weekend.

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Today was, for lack of a better word, quiet. Woke up kinda late, went and had a much needed (albeit too short) haircut. Spent the afternoon reading a cheesy mystery-romance novel on my favorite bench, trying to figure out my life. It’s that weird time of year when the sky is sometimes overcast, sometimes not, the temperature is in the mid-60s/lower-70s but there’s something in the air that just says Autumn is here and it’s both reassuring and tragic. I love autumn, but I have problems saying goodbye to summer, too.

To be perfectly honest, I think I’m having abandonment issues at the moment. I feel like I’ve had to stand by while I wait for everyone to leave… Two of my closest friends are leaving for the year – one heading off to college for the first time, the other to Spain for a year – and it’s not that I’m not excited for them, I’m just having a pity party ;) (SPAIN?!) All of this has just compounded the absence of my Knight and the fact that school is starting in too-few days (really, it’s like 33 days but shhhh!) Anyway, pity party ends now – I’ll get over it, I’m just feeling a little lonely at the moment…

Oh, how could I forget? I called the Wexley School for Girls this morning about part-time enrollment – I was encouraged to submit my CV/resume/cover letter and I am so unbelievably excited. I’ve been stalking around their blog/site/facebook all day and the more I see, the more convinced I am that I really need to ah, enroll.

Spent tonight gorging on pepperoni pizza (complete with ranch sauce) and the last disc of Dexter Season 1, topped off with Love and Other Disasters which is one of the most adorable movies I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. I love it.

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Well. Last night was hard, but sweet; filled with promises. I remember waking up for work and thinking Oh, he’s gone… I’m not upset, just anxious. It feels like everyone is leaving and I’m the only left behind to watch, wave and wait. It’s awful. That’s the really big thing I dislike about going to school so close to home – everyone abandons me for fabulous adventures while I’m stuck here, counting down the days.

Today was otherwise filled with work, awkward questions, sleep and romance. I finished The Time Traveler’s Wife this afternoon before surrendering to a much-needed nap before heading out to see Art & Copy at the Northwest Film Forum — ran across this spiffy mural project en route.

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I want to stay eighteen forever

Oh jeeze. Didn’t get to sleep until close to 6 this morning… slept in until (wait for it… wait for it…) 12:30. I know, I don’t do that – but I haven’t really slept in about two weeks – I deserve it. Let’s just face it, my sleep cycle will never be the same again. Oops.

Woke up, scurried up to the bookstore and bought the latest edition of the Time Traveller’s Wife and started reading it on a bench at Slater, overlooking the water. It’s amazing. I’m only through page 76 as I write this, and I’ve already been brought to tears and audible laughter. Go read it, right now. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the movie (which is why I’m reading the book first) but we’ll see — 460 pages to go vs. my adoration of Rachel McAdams.. hmmm…

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cut tear scrape erase

Basically, this is my life: that stupid exhibit catalog, trying to work on research for my capstone project, studying for the GRE and otherwise going nuts. I’m so stressed out it’s not even funny.

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