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Thank you,

to all of our veterans. I’m not exactly a pacifist, I just really don’t see the point of/comprehend the idea of going to war (okay, maybe I am a pacifist after all). But regardless, thank you.

Because it is Veteran’s Day so we all know what that means: classes are cancelled! Whoo! So what did I do? I went and spent two hours being x-rayed and then another hour in physical therapy. The best part? I had no less than four different aides ask me if I was pregnant. SERIOUSLY? DO I LOOK PREGNANT? I DIDN’T THINK SO. I was so shocked the first time, I almost couldn’t answer! UGH.

So here’s the diagnosis: sprained hip and back, my pelvis is torque because my foot was on the break at the time of the impact. Cool, right? Not so much…

In other news, my Blackberry is pretty much dead: keeps turning off, the flash on the camera randomly goes off, will blank out while its asleep and have to restart, etc. So I called T-Mobile to have them send another replacement handset (this is just what happened to my first phone back in January) and it’s only 9 months old, so it’s still in the manufacturers warranty, right? Wrong. Apparently T-Mobile has a policy concerning handsets: they don’t care about the MANUFACTURERs warranty, no, and they only honor their warranty for a year — from the date of the purchase of the INITIAL HANDSET. So, my warranty expired back in August. I ask you: what kind of ridiculous policy is that? Well it gets BETTER. What are my options?

1. Pay $80 to replace my Blackberry AND I’m stuck with my crappy T-Mobile service for the next two years

2. Pay $350 to replace my Blackberry without a contract extension

3. Pay $200 to cancel my service, at which point I’ll have to put out more money at some point to get a new phone.

Four phone calls later, I finally got through to a supervisor who informed me that I was out of contract since August and thus, the $200 early termination fee is null and void. So guess what I decided to? That’s right: get an iPhone =) It arrives on Friday!

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