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Today was exhausting; didn’t get enough sleep, left the house late (but still made it to my parking space and across campus in time for my graduate seminar at 9:30), didn’t write down the reading assignment/bring the textbook for 17th C Roman Art/Architecture (ART H 400) and a whole myriad of other annoyances. Anyway, everything was relatively fine – until I saw the program fees to study in Rome spring quarter… Now, first, you have to understand that this has been an integral part of my plan since January, and none of the specific information was available until a few days ago. All in all, including the program fees, estimated expenses and air fare, the who debacle is estimated to cost (are you ready for this?) $9,500.

I was speechless. And then I cried. The program itself costs $2,500 more than the summer in Amsterdam program I did last year (probably because the program is twice as long — almost 10 weeks instead of 4.5) but I was just shocked. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking “Oh, but there are scholarships!” Unfortunately, not for debt-free middle-class white girls who wish to study in western Europe. It’s kind of ridiculous. Anyway, I’m running about trying to find money somewhere so I can go; it’s such an exceptional experience, I’m afraid to try and do it during graduate school because there are so many variables: me attending UW, UW offering the program again, the program having the same professors, the professors including the same itinerary/themes, etc. It’s scary; and I really really want this to happen, so now I just have to find a way. Sigh.


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