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zoom zoom!

Landscape final was a frustrating fiasco; evidently, my professor didn’t fill out the exam form for my final, so I was allowed to take it according to the same provisions as the midterm, including a half-hour less time than the class was allotted. Super annoyed. Took the exam, there was an additional category “Patron/Client” for all of the images (without forewarning) and one of the image IDs wasn’t on the exam review list. Lovely. I totally ran out of time while writing the comparisons, but hopefully it won’t totally bite me in the butt.

Afterwards, Alanagh, Emily and I ran up to Pizza Pi and had two amazing pizzas, consumed with gusto in the design center while we cleaned out Alanagh and Emily’s studio spaces. On the drive home, Alanagh and kept pace with each other and generally jerked around the bridge, being silly. Yay girl bonding time?

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More errands today; took an hour and went to the Seattle Art Museum to find an American genre painting for my paper due on Monday (Alfred Henry Maurer’s At the Shore, 1901), still have to study for my test (also Monday). But fortunately, the fabulous Lauren is home(!) and we were able to meet for coffee, catch up, grab dinner (found out Han’s Garden on the Island can use Tamari instead of soy sauce for certain dishes and clean the pans, making them deliciously gluten free!) before coming home to crash… It’s been a long, long week…

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Happy Halloween!

We saw the cutest infant costume EVER today, at Bellevue Square: an 18-month old, in a stroller, dressed up as an OCTOPUS. AN OCTOPUS! I’m so doing that to my kids! Went shopping, found the perfect little black dress, a little blue dress, and a few business casual blouses to wear out with my slacks.

Alanagh came over, we ran around and took pictures, carved pumpkins and watched The Happening, skyped Kevin for a little bit to show off our awesome costumes (well, at least Alanagh’s… she was the Mad Hatter)… we’re up to all kinds of shenanigans and are about to watch The Village and The Sixth Sense – so peace out! Happy Halloween and don’t forget to ‘fall back’ in a few hours!

PS I kind of quit my job today. It’s JUST COFFEE, CALM DOWN.

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Okay, maybe not THE most exciting photograph ever but it is pretty delicious! Erm, the content, not the photo…

Anyway, a certain someone has been keeping me up on video calls until all hours of the night recently (AHEM) and while I love it, I’m also bloody exhausted and seriously need to catch up on some shut eye… The fundamental problem is that we have established this unhealthy pattern over a period of more than five weeks — and it hasn’t been an issue up until this point because my classes hadn’t started yet – ugh.

In any case, pictured above and over here are my famous (hopefully?) garbanzo beans. It’s super easy and one of my favorite late night snacks!

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After a summer-long hiatus, the bestie is BACK – in black (well, ginger, really) I love this girl and it doesn’t matter that summer is almost over and my Knight is halfway around the world because she is BACK. On a related note, the other bestie leaves in like three days and I’m beside myself with panic and undecided angst :(

On another note, I got my MacBook back!!! And then I realized that the fools who replaced my harddrive managed to somehow disable my optical drive. Fantastic. Back to the Apple Store I go, grumbling all the way…

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Happy Birthday, bff

Best friend’s birthday :) my craftiness was put to good use! Hung out for a bit, went to dinner at China Gate (amaaaaazing) in Chinatown and then headed back to her house for a rockin party :)

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busy day! errands, coffee date, beachside barbeque, house party. It was great hanging out with people I haven’t seen in months – I didn’t realize how much I missed them

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my art history class met at the SAM again today, so afterwards I bussed back to UW, hopped in my car and sped away! Right into traffic on Montlake :( Stuck for 35 minutes trying to get from Pend Oreille / E-1 to the intersection at 520 so I can zip through the Arboretum. Ridiculous! I can’t wait for I90 to reopen!!!

Anyway, made it to the beach to hang out with my girls; thanks to Hannah for taking this picture of us trying not to fall off the dock at Madison Park Beach… Nothing quite like driving home in a wet bikini :/ Now, time to get ready for the party tonight!

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discovering a new favorite

my sistah from anotha mistah (you have to say it that way) showed me a new waterfront park, so we spent the afternoon catching up under a chestnut tree, eating hummus and watching the boats on Lake Washington… but shh, it’s a secret!

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