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Apparently I am the least responsible person, ever. Second Monday night in a row without sleep; got home at 9:30 this morning. I won’t bore you with the details of my evening but I don’t even know what to do with myself right now. I am exhausted, totally brain dead, and confused as hell. I have to write my take home exam (4-5 pages on ‘What is Zen Art?’ – what kind of broad bullshit is that?), and study for my African Art final and my Target Practice final. I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes uncrossed, I can’t even deal with everything else right now. Will process the past 24 hours… later.

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splish splash

I just have to say, I love living here – being less than ten minutes away from a dozen beautiful lakeside beaches is just unbeatable. I can’t believe summer is almost over…

First final exam tomorrow – Buddhist Art in Japan (607-Present)

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busy day! errands, coffee date, beachside barbeque, house party. It was great hanging out with people I haven’t seen in months – I didn’t realize how much I missed them

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highway to hell

Okay, yes, I see the trend towards post-titles/song lyrics. Evidently my creativity has a limit… oh well!

so today was the first real day of our heat wave: 95 F in Seattle and on the Island. Sitting through class was…. miserable. Fortunately, my class on the third floor of the un-air conditioned Art bldg is in the morning, before it gets too unpleasant. Anyway, even the basement was awful — stuffy, terrible – definitely not conducive to looking at slides and still being awake.

Nothing quite like being stuck in traffic, 95 degrees (fortunately, a stellar A/C system) looking at the lake… driving over the lake… drooling over the lake… Needless to say, I went to the beach (again — 8th straight day!) and was parked next to this classic beauty. Ohh Americana…

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GORGEOUS day, worked from 8:30-1pm which was faaaaantaaaastic. Got off work, threw on my bikini and booked it to the beach. Ahh, island living…

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So we’re driving home from UW, I-90 construction is DONE! Ahead of schedule! Wooo! Express lanes are OPEN! It’s 80 degrees and the sun is SHINING! And we are STUCK IN BUMPER TO BUMPER TRAFFIC.

Yes, really.

There was a six car + semi accident on westbound I-90 just after 4pm so by 4:25 when we hit the bridge, we were just in the thick of it. It was awful; two westbound lanes closed by Bellevue fire and rescue, one lane of the express lanes closed because a vehicle practically jumped the partition and we’re crawling to the Island because everyone wants to look at the carnage. Awful. Oh, and did I mention that my gas tank light came on under the Convention center? Yeah.

So I filled up my tank and hit the beach – some nice cloud cover rolled in and there was no one there, except the tai-chi dudes and Cobi, the black lab / border collie swimming in the middle with his frisbee, and Cobi’s owner. The water was perfect :) so I just floated along for a while

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my art history class met at the SAM again today, so afterwards I bussed back to UW, hopped in my car and sped away! Right into traffic on Montlake :( Stuck for 35 minutes trying to get from Pend Oreille / E-1 to the intersection at 520 so I can zip through the Arboretum. Ridiculous! I can’t wait for I90 to reopen!!!

Anyway, made it to the beach to hang out with my girls; thanks to Hannah for taking this picture of us trying not to fall off the dock at Madison Park Beach… Nothing quite like driving home in a wet bikini :/ Now, time to get ready for the party tonight!

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discovering a new favorite

my sistah from anotha mistah (you have to say it that way) showed me a new waterfront park, so we spent the afternoon catching up under a chestnut tree, eating hummus and watching the boats on Lake Washington… but shh, it’s a secret!

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