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Today was SUCH a long day… stayed up until 2 working on a reading assignment / watching some really, really cheesy Freddie Prinze Jr movie, woke up late, couldn’t find anything to wear, finally left the house at 10:20 for my 10:50 class, leaving me 20 minutes to get across the bridge, through downtown, up to the U-district, down Montlake and parked – oy! The best part is that I made it to the class room by 10:52 and our prof was ten minutes late. Small favors, right?

Anyway, classes, classes, classes – 3.8 on a paper in a class I thought I was failing (yay!!) then coffee with a friend, then home in time for a Blue Planet marathon. I sliced open my mail-in ballot info and found THIS. Seriously, wtf? I almost wanted to write-in Batman just to keep up with the silliness. What the eff?


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