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Finished my paper at 7:40 this morning, left for physical therapy at 7:45, came home and did a little bit of proofreading before heading up to school for my Rome interview at noon… Came home, slept for an hour and a half, went to lecture, turned in my paper and breathed a deep, shaky sigh of relief. I made it until 9 PM so I feel like I owe it to myself to pass out, seeing as my eyes won’t uncross… Man, I feel old all of a sudden… Good night.

Oh, the photo? One of the lanterns outside Suzzallo Library.


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Friday is FREEDAY

Today was alternately awful/awesome. I had to take four buses and an hour and a half to get to school today; there were three thunderstorms, two hail incidents, blinding sunlight + blue skies, and epic amounts of rain and wind; my umbrella broke at 5 PM, in the dark, and the cold, and the rain, and the wind — right when I needed to walk 15 blocks to take Emily out for her 22nd birthday. On the upside, it was Emily’s birthday, and we had Indian (my favorite), I got a 4.0 on my American Art paper, submitted my Rome application (!!!!), and received extra credit for attending a lecture by Elizabeth Meyers of UVA on Beauty and Sustainability; it was all right… I thought she made some interesting points, but in general, rambled a lot and didn’t have a clear directive… In any case, kind of a 50/50 sort of day.

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(That’s the sound of the rug being pulled out from under me)
Today kind of really sucked. Found out that my advisor mis-advised me on the departmental honors graduation requirements in Art History — so all of those graduation plans we drew up that only had ONE 20 page paper? Oh, she thought I understood that there was an INVISIBLE one somewhere else. Duh.

I was pretty much beside myself: realizing that I have 40 pages and a graduate seminar (including another 20 page paper and presentation). FML.

49 days, 21 hours and 27 minutes…

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24 whole hours

Today was actually okay… I went to work, then school, snapped a picture outside Meany Hall on the way to pick up books at Suzzallo, came home and missed the boy. Laaaame. I wasn’t nearly as upset as I thought I would be, which is good, I think, because it means that I’m so much more comfortable and confident in our relationship. Yay? I think so.

Well, day one has come to a close. Only 52 left to go…

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I have been so wired all day – it’s kind of ridiculous. I didn’t even need my usual 32 ounces of brew to get through the day, I’m so excited! Bounced my way through classes, got a manicure during my break, dashed home and cleaned up and here we are.


I won’t leave for the airport for an hour and it’s killing me. Naturally, there’s nothing on TV, so I caught last week’s Dexter onDemand and waited. Waiting waiting waiting. UGH.

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Class, faculty meeting (I was told not to bother applying to graduate school until I knew exactly what kind of career I want to pursue — as if any graduating senior knows what they’re doing – UGH!), more class, and then a FREE SCREENING of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE a whole TWO DAYS before it will release – WHOOO! Unfortunately, I was kind of disappointed, but it was kinda cute…

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Whoo! Day 100! I know I’ve been falling behind a little bit lately – my apologies! – things are getting seriously crazy with school starting and it has been madness I tell you! Pictured above is the exterior back stairway of the University of Washington’s Architectural Hall – complete with a Fibonacci spiral inlaid into the concrete.

Speaking of madness, went and saw The September Issue last night at Seven Gables – and it was so good! Go see it – right now. It’s been described as the “real” The Devil Wears Prada and to a point, that’s true. Anna Wintour scares the stuffing out of me – yikes!

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