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Okay, so first of all, this picture is a mess. I shot it, while driving, through the blue-strip of my windshield with my 3 year old digital point and shoot- ugh!

Anyway, today was rather average – still loving my classes, found out my film prints are on display in the Gould Commons! HOW AWESOME IS THAT? (I think it’s, you know, all right… AHEM)

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Atomic Architecture

Today was kind of a lazy day; didn’t have class until 4:30 PM so I headed up to the BE library to make photocopies of articles for the professor I’m researching for… The Architectural Record from the 1950s are grossly huge bound copies with some of the most hilarious advertisements…oh man…


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The second day of the quarter has come to a close; my first class today was at, oh, 4:30 pm – resent me all you want, it was GLORIOUS. I love my landscape architecture class and, as it turns out, instead of completing my independent study well, independently, I will be participating in the graduate seminar (!!!) how awesome is that?

Afterwards, we headed over to a free sneak preview screening of Zombieland and, as gross and graphic and fluid-intense as it was, it was absolutely hilarious, over the top and excellent. To be fair, I don’t know if I’d want to drop $10 for a ticket, but it was still a good time. If you like zombie movies, it’s a must-see.

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Back to you,

“…it always comes around, back to you. I tried to forget you, I tried to stay away… But it’s too late.”

FIRST of all, I made epic meatballs tonight. Yes, indeed. Go check out the recipe here!

SECOND, today was the first day of the quarter- and it was awesome! I LOVE all of my classes, particularly my 17th C Roman Art/Architecture class because, well, it’s the best. I love the first day of school; I always have, no matter what, when or where – it’s just exciting! (This coming from the girl who also obsesses over office supplies… uh huh.)

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Just another manic Monday

Today was… meh. Led an athletics tour (laugh all you want, I was positively fantastically mediocre), ran around, inspired some serious awesomeness before the Fall Fling (featuring the Blue Scholars, Dyno Jamz and Common Market), ran around some more, and came home.

My evening was positively exciting: two loads of dishes, three loads of laundry, a few quarts of homemade chicken stock from last night’s roast, another batch of chai, and two different kinds of soup (both of which were ultimately vetoed in favor of Thai 65 leftovers).

Also, I found out that I can quickly and effectively bribe myself out of trouble with macadamia nuts…

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Ahh yes, the song lyrics are back– and quite appropriate. Today was the last day of residence hall move-in; all of the freshmen are safely tucked away in their little rooms, free to prowl the U District at all hours of the day or night – muahahaha!

Okay, I guess this is true, but come on- really? Anyway, ran around volunteering for Dawg Daze, helped out with Residence Hall check-in and got to hang out with my mentee all day (he’s pretty much, um, awesome — be jealous)

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel!

Okay, not really. Gerberding Hall used to be the administration building on campus but now also houses the Graduate School.

So today was the first real day of Autumn, but it was a brilliant 86F with blue skies, a light breeze – it was GORGEOUS- so naturally, I was stuck inside at a training session. Ugh. I really have nothing against training sessions like this, but I did it last year and the program was practically identical and twice as painful as the first around.

In any case, came home and took a nap, woke up, steam-cleaned my shower, peeled blue tape off my trim and put the rest of my room back together… not sure if I’m excited for school yet or not… oops…

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Last night was awful. Slept in the family room with mom and it was definitely no fun, but I’m glad I was there. Woke up too early, went to work, and came home to… (drumroll, please) an e-mail. And not just any e-mail but a “Let’s schedule an interview” e-mail – yes, Yes, YES! I jumped up and down and ran around and then realized that I have absolutely nothing to wear to an interview of this caliber.

After multiple hours at Nordstrom’s, I’m seriously disgusted with the fashion industry and what the world thinks that young business women my age should wear. I’m sorry, but I don’t think a pink, yellow and brown tweed jacket over a pink and brown camo-print silk shell is in any way “classic”. Ew ew ew. I did find an epic black wool pencil skirt, coupled with my Steve Madden peep-toe pumps and and an amazing cotton blouse from Talbot’s that is simply amazing. So excited – we’ll see how it works out! :)

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under the Tuscan sun

Ok, not really, but I wish… :) Good day.

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I started the day off right: woke up at 7:45, threw on shoes and took my car to the dealership for new breaks/alignment/windshield repair. Lovely. Came home, devoured the final dregs of last night’s epic Potato Leek Soup (it’s unabashedly fabulous; see Recipes page!) – with roasted beet, feta and butter lettuce salad — now that’s what I call a balanced breakfast!

Went back to sleep for a while; woke up closer to noon and worked on the research I’ve been putting off all week, starting with St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco and working through other thin-shell concrete churches from the mid-century period. Ahhh yes; a surprising number in the Scottsdale area, actually.

It was a lovely day and I happily shuffled around the house; heard back from ETS regarding testing accommodations for the GRE and, while I was approved, my request could not be processed because I refused to fax my full credit card number (after being assured that this was perfectly acceptable and I would be further contacted when the time came. Bullshit.) Re-faxed it, but it will still take a week to process. FANTASTIC. Grrrr. ETS is one of the most dreadful organizations I have ever had the misfortune of attempting to navigate/collaborate/deal with.

Writing my monthly column shortly; gotta love that 11:59 pm deadline. Oops. Must rewrite resume / cover letter tonight – but I don’t really know when…

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Well. Last night was hard, but sweet; filled with promises. I remember waking up for work and thinking Oh, he’s gone… I’m not upset, just anxious. It feels like everyone is leaving and I’m the only left behind to watch, wave and wait. It’s awful. That’s the really big thing I dislike about going to school so close to home – everyone abandons me for fabulous adventures while I’m stuck here, counting down the days.

Today was otherwise filled with work, awkward questions, sleep and romance. I finished The Time Traveler’s Wife this afternoon before surrendering to a much-needed nap before heading out to see Art & Copy at the Northwest Film Forum — ran across this spiffy mural project en route.

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Monday the 13th?

Ok, I know this is an awful photo (twisted, angled, non-parallel, etc.) BUT it pretty much captures how today was: wonky. Spent all day in this lovely building – the University of Washington School of Art – and I’m just glad to be home. It was cool and humid and basically gross September weather. Very uncool, Seattle, very uncool.

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