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Gluey Gluey, oh baby

Spent my morning with Liquid Nails, a nail punch and maple-veneered plywood fashioning a desktop for my mom’s office – I feel all accomplished, and sticky.

On a fantastic note: I am writing to from my new and improved MacBook!! Yes, she’s back for good. Optical drive is in fine working order, e-mails, pictures and documents all transferred (I did forget to snag my bookmarks – doh!) just fine – music is transferring as we speak! :) Now, just to install Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6)…

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After a summer-long hiatus, the bestie is BACK – in black (well, ginger, really) I love this girl and it doesn’t matter that summer is almost over and my Knight is halfway around the world because she is BACK. On a related note, the other bestie leaves in like three days and I’m beside myself with panic and undecided angst :(

On another note, I got my MacBook back!!! And then I realized that the fools who replaced my harddrive managed to somehow disable my optical drive. Fantastic. Back to the Apple Store I go, grumbling all the way…

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expletive deleted

I am happy happy happy. At the same time, seriously pissed off. How do I pull of this dichotomy, you ask? Talent, my friend, pure and simple.

Okay, down to business: apparently, as per usual, at the ripe old age of 2 years and 9 months, my Macbook’s harddrive has gone to the Server in the Sky. Bloody bastard. How did this happen? Who knows. It’s a mechanical error in the harddrive and apparently it’s rather common once a Macbook turns two (they do call them the ‘terrible twos’ for a reason, I suppose) Anyway, I found out only because I bought the OS X 10.6 upgrade (aka Snow Leopard) and it wouldn’t install. Took it to the Belle-Sq Mac Store (an extremely unpleasant experience) and was diagnosed as ‘fried, potentially salvageable’ so I get to take my external drive in tomorrow and hope they can save some data… realistically, it’s not SO awful… all of my school stuff is on the external already, and 2007/2008 photos, so really I’d only be losing 1,200 useless photos from this year and some e-mails — inconvenient, but not fatal.

The good news is that I had the foresight to purchase an AppleCare plan when I bought my Macbook so I’m covered – free of charge – and from what the Genius said (hey, their term, not mine…) it doesn’t seem like my personal data has been effected, just the disk utility. Whatever. Also, school hasn’t started yet, so it’s not like I need my laptop right now (Facebook and Flickr just aren’t necessary to my daily existence, sorry) and the laptop I’m currently using (courtesy of my mom) has a webcam, so I can still Skype important people :)

So, we’ll see how tomorrow goes… send up a few prayers to the techno-deities, would you?

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