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Starting the new year off right…

I am basically the worst daily photoblogger ever. I know.

The good news: I have a photograph for every day -yay!

The problem: basically, all of these photos are of food. Uh huh.

The big problem: I still have to edit all of them… oops.

The really big problem: I’ve discovered that I rather like cauliflower. I know.

xx, will update soon – I promise!

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Your regularly scheduled broadcast will resume tomorrow as the author is having a nervous breakdown.

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BRB, k?

My oh so amazing boyfriend is in town allll weekend =) As you might imagine, I’m a bit distracted. I AM taking pictures and writing posts, but I won’t be publishing anything until Tuesday, probably.

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Today was another perfect Seattle autumn day: 60 degrees, overcast but dry, and just enough of a breeze to rustle up the leaves. Woke up early, re-read the article for my Baroque art class on Caravaggio and the Carracci and the potentiality of their mutual influence; went to class, grabbed lunch at Thai 65, went to my American art class, and came home… There’s something to be said for routine…

In other news, the Bricolage deadline is fast approaching (December 4th!) and I need to get my submissions together – and I need your help!! I can only submit TWO (2) pieces, eeeek! So what can you do?! You can go to my Flickr Set and VOTE! Either by commenting on the pictures themselves or right HERE! I would LOVE to hear from you and I’m keeping a running tally. THANK YOU.

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A brief introduction…

introductions are always cumbersome; they’re awkward and boring but inherently obligatory and unfortunately for me, I really do have something to say. So here it is: the point of this ‘project’ is for me to take a really close look at my daily life – how I spend my time, what is important to me, etc. and make a conscious effort to have every day count – to really MEAN something to me. Hopefully, by making a point to take an emblematic photograph each day, I’ll really think about my time and work on living in the moment. So as much I would like to say that this blogumentary is for you, really, it’s for me — so indulge this selfish author and enjoy my photographie du jour

Looking out at the Sound through my moonroof – who says Seattle doesn’t have gorgeous weather?

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