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Today was just another boring day leading up to the middle of the quarter. Sigh. Made Hungarian mushroom soup tonight and this naan which was pretty amazing. Weird combination, I know, but we had leftover tzatziki and it was a fabulous combination. We made the naan with Jules GF flour and grilled it in the cast iron griddle over the gas range which was nice, and it didn’t puff up as much as it could have, but it was still pretty delicious and the closest thing I’ve had to warm flatbread in so long – mm!

Turned in my Italian Visa application today, and it’s on its way to San Francisco for approval – muahahaha! VIVA ITALIA!


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Starting the new year off right…

I am basically the worst daily photoblogger ever. I know.

The good news: I have a photograph for every day -yay!

The problem: basically, all of these photos are of food. Uh huh.

The big problem: I still have to edit all of them… oops.

The really big problem: I’ve discovered that I rather like cauliflower. I know.

xx, will update soon – I promise!

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Cozy afternoon

Another perfect Seattle winter day: mild temperatures, nice and dry, almost sunny. While I love blue skies, I would rather keep my gray cloud cover / 60F than trade for clear skies / 20F – sorry, Chicago.

Anyway, tonight’s dinner: roasted chicken with butternut sage latkes and a red leaf lettuce salad + bleu cheese dressing and mandarin orange slices.

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Roasted Vegetable Soup

Had a nice quiet morning — I really love the routine we’re falling into, it’s so wonderful to get up every morning and have someone to make breakfast for, BF leaves for school, I finish getting ready then head off myself.

In any case, came home today craving comfort food – but kind of, healthy comfort food. I know, but such a thing does exist! I found a recipe on Tartelette for a roasted vegetable potage accompanied by homemade polenta croutons. Delicious. I did some significant tweaking, but the foundation is still the same. If you’re gluten free and you need a crouton fix, these will certainly do the trick – and they’re super easy. Recipes to be posted soon!

This simple soup, amongst its other amazing qualities, introduced me to cauliflower. Now, until today, I have hated cauliflower almost as much as I have hated mangoes (turns out I’m allergic — they make my tongue feel fuzzy – yuck!) because, as I’m sure is the case with many of you, the only way I’ve seen it has been trying to impersonate either rice or potatoes (and failing miserably) or steamed and covered with cheese. Gross. But this- this amazing soup – involved turnips, leeks, potatoes and a whole head of cauliflower. I’ll admit, I was skeptical, but I was so, so wrong. In general, I think most vegetables taste much better roasted. It brings out the sweetness, allows them to be perfectly tender on the inside and golden brown (sometimes crispy) on the outside edges — and cauliflower is no exception. I roasted the potatoes and turnips in one pan and the cauliflower and leeks in another – with a head of garlic, salt and pepper divided between the two pans. This worked out quite well as the cauliflower/leek pan finished roasting 15-20 minutes before the root veggies. Waiting for the potatoes to finish, I curious poked around the cauliflower. It looked alright, but it took me a few minutes of indecision before finally tasting it – amazing. It was tender, crunchy along the edges, mildly sweet and wonderful. I can’t wait to roast another head (or two!) with some cumin, maybe paprika. I’ll keep you posted!

Here, roasted vegetable soup served with polenta croutons and turkey-pesto panini

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Dutch baby bonanza

More Dutch Babies – what else can I say? This is what they look like, baked in a glass dish, before deflating. Isn’t my blue porcelain oven pretty?

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Mmmm… carbs…

I am more and more convinced that potatoes are perfect foods. Okay, sure, they’re somewhat lacking in that nutrition thing, but seriously- they’re wonderful. Eat them alone mashed with garlic, roasted with herbs, (deep) fried, baked – perfection. Here, potatoes au gratin: potatoes, heavy cream, salt and pepper — toss ’em in the oven, bake until golden, crispy and delicious – and notice that, unlike that nasty boxed variety (and other recipes as well) these are inherently gluten-free: not even a dusting of flour. I’ll post the recipe soon – they’re fantastic.

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dinner: fail

Okay, this dinner was a total bust. Moroccan-style chicken recipe with cinnamon and caramelized onions and almonds, served with risotto and blanched broccoli. It was awful, but it looks ok, yeah?

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