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BRB, k?

My oh so amazing boyfriend is in town allll weekend =) As you might imagine, I’m a bit distracted. I AM taking pictures and writing posts, but I won’t be publishing anything until Tuesday, probably.


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I have been so wired all day – it’s kind of ridiculous. I didn’t even need my usual 32 ounces of brew to get through the day, I’m so excited! Bounced my way through classes, got a manicure during my break, dashed home and cleaned up and here we are.


I won’t leave for the airport for an hour and it’s killing me. Naturally, there’s nothing on TV, so I caught last week’s Dexter onDemand and waited. Waiting waiting waiting. UGH.

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Honestly, today was kind of mundane. I’m done with the scary part of the week and work was just kind of meh… oh, and I’m still kind of sick. Great. Anyway, I’m making serious progress on Someone’s scarf (it’s a three part triple cable pattern… about four feet long now, done in a slightly fuzzy evergreen acrylic), sat through Landscape Architecture lecture and review, came home then finished my graduate reading on Sakuteiki, the first critical book (scroll, really) on landscape and gardens from 11th C Japan.

Planning dinner for tomorrow night, driving plans, movie rentals, etc. Kind of a lot of work, but SO worth it.

24 hours!! =)

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Today was filled with faculty meetings, a midterm exam and paper completion. Met with Prof. Ann Huppert who is a specialist on the architecture of the Italian Renaissance, took my midterm (nailed three out of four questions… the fourth one, well, not so much – but I realized the correct answer shortly after walking away. Ugh), turned in my landscape paper on A Country Home, sat through lecture, then met with Prof. Estelle Lingo to discuss, well, my future. We ended up planning, plotting and discussing for over an hour and she is one of the most phenomenal professors with whom I have ever had the pleasure of taking a class.

In other news it’s DONE – midterm COMPLETED, paper CONQUERED – now, just to get through the next 47 hours…

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Misty mornings

Today was super stressful; worked from 9-1:30P, came home and ran around writing up my Landscape Architecture term paper outline and proposal, went to class, came home and watched the Forgotten then worked on my Landscape paper for American Art.

For my landscape paper, I ended up viewing in person (for extra credit, yes) Frederic Edwin Church’s A Country Home at the SAM and writing three pages on its aesthetic, formal and ideological contents. It was ALMOST fun, if not for Prof. Casteras’ “23 Rules” page which lays out the 23 things that will guarantee failure for her course (including things as silly as italicizing the titles of pieces as well as avoiding dangling participles… still not sure what that means, grammatically…) Finished at midnight and then studied for my 17th C Rome midterm. Do I know how to have fun, or what?

71 hours =)

Frederic Edwin Church’s A Country Home from 1854, oil on canvas. Seattle Art Museum.

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Today was another perfect Seattle autumn day: 60 degrees, overcast but dry, and just enough of a breeze to rustle up the leaves. Woke up early, re-read the article for my Baroque art class on Caravaggio and the Carracci and the potentiality of their mutual influence; went to class, grabbed lunch at Thai 65, went to my American art class, and came home… There’s something to be said for routine…

In other news, the Bricolage deadline is fast approaching (December 4th!) and I need to get my submissions together – and I need your help!! I can only submit TWO (2) pieces, eeeek! So what can you do?! You can go to my Flickr Set and VOTE! Either by commenting on the pictures themselves or right HERE! I would LOVE to hear from you and I’m keeping a running tally. THANK YOU.

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Pictured, is the front gate of my one of my favorite houses in the city. It’s adjacent to Volunteer Park, shrouded by cypresses and it’s just so romantically Italian and out of place and perfect. Anyway, I console myself with the thought that the roof probably leaks.

So today was pretty crazy: I’m still sick (but my sore throat is almost gone!), another hectic day at work, came home and worked on the outline/thesis for my Landscape History term paper (I’m planning to compare Villa d’Este and Villa Giulia, both built in 1550 near Rome and exemplify the transition between the Renaissance aesthetic and the emergence of the ‘Baroque’ style… hey, I have 20 pages, leave me alone).

The highlight of the weekend was easily a surprise trip to Seattle’s oldest cemetery (Lakeview Cemetery, adjacent to Volunteer Park) with Levi. It was kind of cold, but surprisingly dry, unfortunately we were only there for 15 minutes before it closed. LAME. Still managed to grab some really great shots and I can’t wait to go back. We came home, hung around until dinner then came back and watched part of Halloween VIII (yeah, I know) and Family Guy (the Stephen King episode– you know the one). Stopped by Molly Moon’s on the way back to UW for some Theo Chocolate and Pumpkin Clove ice cream (oh, so good – but bring back cardamom!), hurtling into a sugar coma before sleep.

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