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Happy Halloween!

We saw the cutest infant costume EVER today, at Bellevue Square: an 18-month old, in a stroller, dressed up as an OCTOPUS. AN OCTOPUS! I’m so doing that to my kids! Went shopping, found the perfect little black dress, a little blue dress, and a few business casual blouses to wear out with my slacks.

Alanagh came over, we ran around and took pictures, carved pumpkins and watched The Happening, skyped Kevin for a little bit to show off our awesome costumes (well, at least Alanagh’s… she was the Mad Hatter)… we’re up to all kinds of shenanigans and are about to watch The Village and The Sixth Sense – so peace out! Happy Halloween and don’t forget to ‘fall back’ in a few hours!

PS I kind of quit my job today. It’s JUST COFFEE, CALM DOWN.

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Sooo it’s almost Halloween! Is that not reason enough to be super excited? Really? Well how about the fact that Levi and I got to go see Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho with the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall! It was so unbelievably excellent! It was raining like WHOA when it was over, necessitating a midnight stop at Dick’s for fries and a shake… nothing quite like showing up at Dick’s on 45th, at midnight, in the pouring rain, dressed for the symphony!

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(That’s the sound of the rug being pulled out from under me)
Today kind of really sucked. Found out that my advisor mis-advised me on the departmental honors graduation requirements in Art History — so all of those graduation plans we drew up that only had ONE 20 page paper? Oh, she thought I understood that there was an INVISIBLE one somewhere else. Duh.

I was pretty much beside myself: realizing that I have 40 pages and a graduate seminar (including another 20 page paper and presentation). FML.

49 days, 21 hours and 27 minutes…

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Day Two

First American Art exam today… I don’t mean to sound over-confident but I feel pretty great about it. American Art and I just have some kind of strange, inexplicable rapport… Anyway, it was early 17th C portraiture through late 19th C landscapes, American Ruskinians/Luminists, Visionaries. Ryder, Inness and Blakelock aren’t exactly my favorite artists, but at least we’re done with them… for now.

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24 whole hours

Today was actually okay… I went to work, then school, snapped a picture outside Meany Hall on the way to pick up books at Suzzallo, came home and missed the boy. Laaaame. I wasn’t nearly as upset as I thought I would be, which is good, I think, because it means that I’m so much more comfortable and confident in our relationship. Yay? I think so.

Well, day one has come to a close. Only 52 left to go…

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Aren’t we cute?

Yes, yes we are. It took 50 photos to find two (2!) where we both looked great… Such a great day, I dragged him to both of my art history classes, then we came home and had dinner, watched Chocolat and savored our last few hours together… sort of. So, his flight left at 10:25PM – realistically, what time do you think we made it to the airport? What was that? 9:40PM? Correct! I was having a panic attack; we made it back to his house to pack him up at around 8:30PM and somehow, it took over an hour to pack up a backpack and a box — I have no idea. There was lots of running around and panic and ‘WHERE IS IT?!’s but all in all, it worked out all right, and he somehow made it onto his plane on time… how, I’ll never know.

52 days 23 hours 45 minutes until Christmas Break…

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=) Boyfriend is here. all. weekend. So excited, I can’t even tell you! We’re going up to his sister’s house this afternoon, then out to dinner with his parents, and then to Paranormal Activity (finally?). Full day ahead – I can’t wait!

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