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Back to you,

“…it always comes around, back to you. I tried to forget you, I tried to stay away… But it’s too late.”

FIRST of all, I made epic meatballs tonight. Yes, indeed. Go check out the recipe here!

SECOND, today was the first day of the quarter- and it was awesome! I LOVE all of my classes, particularly my 17th C Roman Art/Architecture class because, well, it’s the best. I love the first day of school; I always have, no matter what, when or where – it’s just exciting! (This coming from the girl who also obsesses over office supplies… uh huh.)

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Taking stock

Okay, so as some of you may know, I am a strange specimen of the female species: I really dislike shopping. So it may come as a shock when you hear that I bought a bajillion sweaters today (in almost as many sweaters- YAR ARGYLE) and some awesome hats (including a black fedora with a purple band – haha!)

In other news, we boiled the chicken from last night and made EPIC stock… pictured are the drippings from the roast, not the completed deal, but isn’t it gorgeous? (It tastes even better).

Ugh. Fall quarter classes start tomorrow. Double ugh.

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Just another manic Monday

Today was… meh. Led an athletics tour (laugh all you want, I was positively fantastically mediocre), ran around, inspired some serious awesomeness before the Fall Fling (featuring the Blue Scholars, Dyno Jamz and Common Market), ran around some more, and came home.

My evening was positively exciting: two loads of dishes, three loads of laundry, a few quarts of homemade chicken stock from last night’s roast, another batch of chai, and two different kinds of soup (both of which were ultimately vetoed in favor of Thai 65 leftovers).

Also, I found out that I can quickly and effectively bribe myself out of trouble with macadamia nuts…

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So today started off kind of rocky…went to my Dawg Daze volunteer shift for the Honors Open House only to find the office dark, locked and totally abandoned… I waited around for an hour, but no one else showed so I finally left… I’m super annoyed that I drove all the way up there for nothing, but whatever, it was nice being on campus, I guess.

In other news, I went to see Wicked with Levi tonight and it was super frickinamazingawesomeEPIC. I’ve been in love with the soundtrack since it was first released, didn’t really enjoy the book, and hadn’t seen the production — until tonight! Hit up Molly Moon’s in Wallingford on the way home (Mmm Theo Chocolate + Salted Caramel… I love having someone to share with!) for the perfect end to an awesome evening.

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Today was… crazy (in case you couldn’t tell by the really late post). Got up, moved the hydrangeas from the front patio into the ground, ran up to the Wells-Medina nursery (they’s SO fantastic there!) and bought container plants (to replace the aforementioned hydrangeas). Hopped in the shower and drove up to school for one of the major Dawg Daze events – the first annual Rock Band competition (Beatles edition) and Late Night Breakfast + Rocky Horror Picture Show — it was totally epic. I froze my butt off (despite a blanket, sweater and Northface fleeze… ugh) but it was so worth it! 50 or so people came in costume, everyone was shouting and dancing — it was perfect =)

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Ahh yes, the song lyrics are back– and quite appropriate. Today was the last day of residence hall move-in; all of the freshmen are safely tucked away in their little rooms, free to prowl the U District at all hours of the day or night – muahahaha!

Okay, I guess this is true, but come on- really? Anyway, ran around volunteering for Dawg Daze, helped out with Residence Hall check-in and got to hang out with my mentee all day (he’s pretty much, um, awesome — be jealous)

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Chez Kelsey

Had some friends over for a quiet dinner tonight… we’ve only known them a few months, but it feels like forever! Helping him move in tomorrow, which should be quite a good time indeed! Served up Chicken Marbella, Roasted Beet Salad with Walnuts and Bleu Cheese, Roasted Potatoes and Crepes with Apple filling – can you say “yum!”? It went off fabulously well and I just can’t wait… for what exactly, I don’t know, but I’m excited!

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