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I started the day off right: woke up at 7:45, threw on shoes and took my car to the dealership for new breaks/alignment/windshield repair. Lovely. Came home, devoured the final dregs of last night’s epic Potato Leek Soup (it’s unabashedly fabulous; see Recipes page!) – with roasted beet, feta and butter lettuce salad — now that’s what I call a balanced breakfast!

Went back to sleep for a while; woke up closer to noon and worked on the research I’ve been putting off all week, starting with St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco and working through other thin-shell concrete churches from the mid-century period. Ahhh yes; a surprising number in the Scottsdale area, actually.

It was a lovely day and I happily shuffled around the house; heard back from ETS regarding testing accommodations for the GRE and, while I was approved, my request could not be processed because I refused to fax my full credit card number (after being assured that this was perfectly acceptable and I would be further contacted when the time came. Bullshit.) Re-faxed it, but it will still take a week to process. FANTASTIC. Grrrr. ETS is one of the most dreadful organizations I have ever had the misfortune of attempting to navigate/collaborate/deal with.

Writing my monthly column shortly; gotta love that 11:59 pm deadline. Oops. Must rewrite resume / cover letter tonight – but I don’t really know when…

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I’m just exhausted. Pictured is more of our amazing ‘harvest’ from the Issaquah farmer’s market. So much drama and silliness today, both at work and at home — it’s cute though, in a way, but I’m really too tired to deal with it right now. I will say that I have the most wonderful, amazing, fabulous friends in the world and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

… except maybe a pony…

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Dusk and Summer

Slept in this morning before escaping to the Issaquah Farmer’s Market / Costco. Costco on a Saturday, if you have not yet experienced it, is sheer madness. It’s window shopping sans windows – essentially a bunch of aimless shoppers with nothing better to do, nowhere to go and a penchant for getting in your way. Ugh. But the farmer’s market… ohh, the farmer’s market… it’s a wonderful place. Individually letterpressed cards, fresh produce, amazing soups (we found a Hungarian Mushroom Soup that rivals Old Wives’ Tales’ in Portland) and baked goods, kitschy nicknacks, soap, honey, clothing, eggs, meat, cheese – you name it, you might just find it. Alas, based on its amazingness, I simply couldn’t restrain myself to one photo today – so do enjoy: locally grown Gala apples and beet greens. Mmmmm!

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Today was, for lack of a better word, quiet. Woke up kinda late, went and had a much needed (albeit too short) haircut. Spent the afternoon reading a cheesy mystery-romance novel on my favorite bench, trying to figure out my life. It’s that weird time of year when the sky is sometimes overcast, sometimes not, the temperature is in the mid-60s/lower-70s but there’s something in the air that just says Autumn is here and it’s both reassuring and tragic. I love autumn, but I have problems saying goodbye to summer, too.

To be perfectly honest, I think I’m having abandonment issues at the moment. I feel like I’ve had to stand by while I wait for everyone to leave… Two of my closest friends are leaving for the year – one heading off to college for the first time, the other to Spain for a year – and it’s not that I’m not excited for them, I’m just having a pity party ;) (SPAIN?!) All of this has just compounded the absence of my Knight and the fact that school is starting in too-few days (really, it’s like 33 days but shhhh!) Anyway, pity party ends now – I’ll get over it, I’m just feeling a little lonely at the moment…

Oh, how could I forget? I called the Wexley School for Girls this morning about part-time enrollment – I was encouraged to submit my CV/resume/cover letter and I am so unbelievably excited. I’ve been stalking around their blog/site/facebook all day and the more I see, the more convinced I am that I really need to ah, enroll.

Spent tonight gorging on pepperoni pizza (complete with ranch sauce) and the last disc of Dexter Season 1, topped off with Love and Other Disasters which is one of the most adorable movies I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. I love it.

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Well. Last night was hard, but sweet; filled with promises. I remember waking up for work and thinking Oh, he’s gone… I’m not upset, just anxious. It feels like everyone is leaving and I’m the only left behind to watch, wave and wait. It’s awful. That’s the really big thing I dislike about going to school so close to home – everyone abandons me for fabulous adventures while I’m stuck here, counting down the days.

Today was otherwise filled with work, awkward questions, sleep and romance. I finished The Time Traveler’s Wife this afternoon before surrendering to a much-needed nap before heading out to see Art & Copy at the Northwest Film Forum — ran across this spiffy mural project en route.

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swing swing swing

Amazing how that weightless feeling makes everything better.

Countdown is ticking away. I hate this.

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Sleepless in Seattle

Got up. Went to work. Autopilot kind of day. Came home and puttered around the house for a bit, reveling in self-pity. Slept through the afternoon before indulging in my newly discovered favorite activity: sitting on a bench in Slater park with a warm cup of coffee and a good book.

Home again. Waiting.

Went to Alki sometime after 11 with my Knight; the beach was cold but there was no wind.

Sometimes I feel like God and I are playing chicken, waiting to see who is going to look away first…

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