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my art history class met at the SAM again today, so afterwards I bussed back to UW, hopped in my car and sped away! Right into traffic on Montlake :( Stuck for 35 minutes trying to get from Pend Oreille / E-1 to the intersection at 520 so I can zip through the Arboretum. Ridiculous! I can’t wait for I90 to reopen!!!

Anyway, made it to the beach to hang out with my girls; thanks to Hannah for taking this picture of us trying not to fall off the dock at Madison Park Beach… Nothing quite like driving home in a wet bikini :/ Now, time to get ready for the party tonight!

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Is one better, or two?

My suspicions of ophthalmic deterioration were confirmed this morning… What a way to spend my day off…

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cut tear scrape erase

Basically, this is my life: that stupid exhibit catalog, trying to work on research for my capstone project, studying for the GRE and otherwise going nuts. I’m so stressed out it’s not even funny.

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Today simply couldn’t be captured in a single image; so here are four. We drove up to Snoqualmie, into the city, up to Wallingford, and back to the Island in hopes of giving an out-of-town friend a taste of the area. Let me just say that I’m exhausted.

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Monday the 13th?

Ok, I know this is an awful photo (twisted, angled, non-parallel, etc.) BUT it pretty much captures how today was: wonky. Spent all day in this lovely building – the University of Washington School of Art – and I’m just glad to be home. It was cool and humid and basically gross September weather. Very uncool, Seattle, very uncool.

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It was one of those days. You know, where it sometimes feels like it would be worth it to just walk out on your lunch and never look back… or gnawing off your hand would be less painful than staying at work. You know how it is.

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So today and tomorrow make up the 19th annual Mercer Island Summer Celebration. It’s kind of a big deal here, the fireworks show especially, so after work we all met up and staked out our primo plot on the hill looking right down on the barge – it was totally amazing :)

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En garde!

Another Friday afternoon spent at the Seattle Art Museum; I’m really starting to hate this class and the pretentious graduate students who are taking it. Ugh.

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“Go FISH!”

Woke up at some ungodly hour, drove to some tiny little town between Seattle and Bellingham in rural Washington and babysat two kids, for two hours, for free. Above is the little girl, 8, and then her brother, 11, wouldn’t quit making faces so he didn’t get a nice picture! But honestly they’re two of the coolest kids I know.

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Kill me now

Long story short, due to human error and technological retardation, I missed the first two ‘Live Online!’ sessions of my online GRE prep class. Don’t even start on that one. Anyway, tried to play the archived exams, but the program kept having a spaz attack and shutting down mid-download. Great. So, I spent a half an hour on the phone with tech support, only to be told to download the Mac OS X update and try it again.

Well guess what? the OS X update for Java REMOVED the Web Start portion (the one I need for this bloody program) Great. After a half-hour of forum trolling and bad Google searches, I found it (yeah!) but it still won’t run the archived classes (boo!) It’s 6:40, so I try the other program again – for my live class later tonight – and it works! I’m also 40 minutes late for class! The entire Princeton Review website is in PST EXCEPT the online class schedule. I know, right?

Anyway, enough whining. I put two hours into this silly test tonight and it had better pay off!

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Out cold…

Today… was an interesting day.

Worked a half-shift this morning, realized that I’m not the only one who ends up crazy frustrated / potentially homicidal sometimes — always nice to be validated. Came home, passed out on my couch; woke up, went to bed and slept for another few hours. Yeah, I know – super productive… Anyway, made up for it with an hour of GRE study — oh, the joy. Do I know how to have fun or what?

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On the road again…

So today was the second day of the I-90 westbound detour and it really wasn’t so bad — we left at 9:25 for our 10:45 class and arrived on campus at *drumroll please!* 9:50

I kid you not. On top of that, I received an e-mail early this morning from the professor of my first class informing us that she was under the weather and would not be able to teach this morning. Fine, that’s cool – I understand. I ran some errands at the Village and, with two hours left, I parked in the garage and worked on my readings… until I woke up. Uh huh.

However, half an hour into my third class, our professor still hadn’t shown – so we made a group decision to leave a note on the whiteboard, have one of the graduates drop him an e-mail and peace OUT. Point of the story is: I spent more time in my car than anywhere else today and that is NOT how I like to spend my time…

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There’s nothing quite like the horror of realizing that you have to be at work at 8:30 am the morning after a big party/holiday/etc. and this weekend was no exception. To be fair, it wasn’t so bad — we had maybe 1/4 our normal traffic, an amazing crew and everyone was equally exhausted (or otherwise…) basically, of all the days/situations to work a full day post-party, this was one of the best.

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Well! Happy 4th of July! This year was amazing – probably the best of the last five. Friends, food, fireworks (albeit, an epic firework fail on the part of the boys). I’ve been thinking a lot about what was going in my life a year ago, and everything has changed so much! I have changed so much in the past calendar year, it’s crazy -and I’m so much better for it. Anyway, happy Independence Day :)

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