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wait, what?

um. yeah. I don’t really know what to say. Part of me wanted to get in my car that minute, and then the rational part of me (which totally won, thank god) said “HELLO? What the hell are you thinking? Oh wait, you’re obviously not.” I wish I had a good story to share, but unfortunately I decided to be a responsible adult :/ Lame, right?


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Mama mia!


Maggiano’s is so unbelievably amazing. First off, they serve everything family style and more importantly, they have fabulous gluten free pasta (and even better, a chef/staff that really GET IT!) Gotta love that Rigatoni “D” :) Mmm… food coma… can’t wait for lunch tomorrow!

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"These boots are made for walking…

…and that’s just what they’ll do. These boots are made for walking and they’ll walk all over you…”

Sexy new cowboy boots were a consolation prize for getting through this hellish midterm week without jumping off a bridge. Awful, awful week.

Now, I just have to find a cowboy…

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(that’s my braindead noise) and yes, it’s 5 am and I just finished my paper. UGH.

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So we’re driving home from UW, I-90 construction is DONE! Ahead of schedule! Wooo! Express lanes are OPEN! It’s 80 degrees and the sun is SHINING! And we are STUCK IN BUMPER TO BUMPER TRAFFIC.

Yes, really.

There was a six car + semi accident on westbound I-90 just after 4pm so by 4:25 when we hit the bridge, we were just in the thick of it. It was awful; two westbound lanes closed by Bellevue fire and rescue, one lane of the express lanes closed because a vehicle practically jumped the partition and we’re crawling to the Island because everyone wants to look at the carnage. Awful. Oh, and did I mention that my gas tank light came on under the Convention center? Yeah.

So I filled up my tank and hit the beach – some nice cloud cover rolled in and there was no one there, except the tai-chi dudes and Cobi, the black lab / border collie swimming in the middle with his frisbee, and Cobi’s owner. The water was perfect :) so I just floated along for a while

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New headboard! Antique solid wrought iron – heavy, inconvenient aaaand it didn’t fit in the Subaru. That’s right. So I had to make a few not entirely pleasant phone calls until my hero showed up :) Can’t wait to start painting!

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highlight of my summer?

okay, the lame title was NOT my idea. As you may or may not have guessed it was a highlighter party (black lights, white clothing, retarded drawing, etc) technically the party started last night, but this was taken way after midnight… didn’t get home until close to 4am and then had the pleasure of heading into work. Thank god for coffee fumes to keep me awake!

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